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  • Final Cut Express

    So i have been looking around all the people using PC to do their video editing. I would have been in the same boat five or six years ago. Now I am using Final Cut Express on my Imac. This software is the easiest and most user friendly software I have seen! It's ridiculous what you can do with minimal clicks of the mouse. I strong suggest you all just try it out (maybe you know someone that uses it). It will seriously change your prospective... plus macs are better than PC anyday! :-D

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    FC Express is an often overlooked piece of software. It is considered the bridge between iMovie and FC Pro but it is definitely much more FCP than iMovie. You get MOST all of the useful aspects of FCP for an obviously lower price. I reccomend this to people who are considering ramping up a video ministry or whatever. You can upgrade from Express to the full Final Cut Studio, where the real magic happens, also.

    For what it is worth, comparing Pro to Express, the average user will not miss many features in that app. However, when you go Pro, you also get DVD Studio Pro, Soundtrack Pro AND Motion. Those three apps are fantastic. Soundtrack and DVD studio are both used VERY frequently by us. Motion is not used AS often but only because we have been using After Effects longer and are more proficient there.

    Just my two cents.
    Travis Paulding,
    Production & Technology Director, St. Simons Community Church