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ProPresenter Tips and Tricks?

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  • ProPresenter Tips and Tricks?

    Hello everyone a new member here. Been checking out all the post, great stuff. We just got an iMac to run ProPresenter, any of you using it, any tips or tricks to offer?

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    Yeah, don't upgrade! Seriously though, wait awhile before installing updates with Pro Presenter because they commonly create more bugs in the process. Wait a few months until they fix the bugs...


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      In case you've not discovered it yet ... the "Apply to All" button is wonderful when formatting slides and songs!
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        I would not avoid the upgrades quite as ferociously. I am part of their testing group and updates to bugs usually take a matter of days to fix, not months. Renewed Vision is actually constantly working on upgrades and improvements, if you waited months at a time you would really never get caught up. Unfortunately, for people in that mentality, they do not post multiple versions available for download at one time. So whenever you DO decide to upgrade you will have to get the most recent version.

        Anyway, read the upgrade/update feature reports. If it addresses an issue you need addressed, go for it. If not, wait a week or two just in case.

        We have been using pro for 2 years now and I have only had it die on me once in a service, fortunately it wasn't actually IN USE at the time. It is very stable. Most of its "issues" rear their ugly head in set up and formatting, not in presentation.

        Hope this helps!
        Travis Paulding,
        Production & Technology Director, St. Simons Community Church