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Chords over Lyrics on 1 screen

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  • Chords over Lyrics on 1 screen

    Music Minister asked if I could display the guitar chords only on the monitors (which has a copy of the presentation running on them). I don't know of any way to do this other than a second presentation and second person running it (and hopefully staying together)...

    Any other ideas????

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    yes you would need a second source computer and presentation software to do this. a lot of human resources though you could get a cheap computer and run powerpoint on it for fairly cheap.


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      hmmm... seems like a lot of extra work and extra people to train.

      I'm guessing he wants to do this to get rid of the music stand.

      It seems like the time spent creating an extra power point could be put into memorizing the chords and then he/she could ditch the stand.


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        When it all comes down to it, one can't be free to worship if they are stuck to a chord sheet or screen. I agree with Billy. Ditch the music stand and raise the standards with the musicians (who are ultimately worship leaders).
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          learn the music!
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