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Question about Loops and such (for beginner)

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  • Question about Loops and such (for beginner)

    Hey guys! I'm new here and have a question about loops and such, if you want to skip down to the question feel free, I'm just going to explain myself in the next paragraph.

    I am the current worship leader at my church in Louisville Kentucky and we have gone through a terrible year as a band. We lost our keyboard player (I knew since I was a child) to a long battle with cancer, and also losing our ong time worship leader, and great friend of mine, in October very unexpectedly. So now that he has passed, I'm the guy who's temporarily in charge of things. I say this so that you understand that I don't know much about loops and software and all that stuff, our worship leader knew all that stuff. So, sorry if I sound ignorant or really dumb, but bare with me, as I'm trying as best as I can.

    So here's the question: We were using a click track and some loops occasionally, but haven't been using them lately, and I'm not sure how to use them. But right now what I would like is very basic, I just want to have the drummer to have a click track in his ear the whole song to keep us on beat. I don't need it to say "chorus" or "bridge" or be exactly the length of the song, I just need the click in his ear, programmed for every song we do. Is this possible? What program or even app can I use, that works with a ear monitor system already in place? Do I need to bring a computer on stage?

    Any advice or help would be amazing. Thank you guys, and God bless.

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    If all you want to do is run a click, there are a number of pretty easy ways to do it. There are a number of more advanced metronomes like the Tama Rhythm Watch or Boss DB-90 that will let you program a set list of tempos. There are also quite a few apps out there for both iOS and Android that will do this (Tempo by Frozen Ape is a particularly good one that runs on both).

    Either way, I think the easiest thing to do is to just run that metronome or device through a DI box and into your system, then send it back to the in ears. Much easier to have your drummer or somebody else on stage run this during the set. I would also suggest sending the click to everyone who has in ears, rather than just the drummer. It makes a big difference in keeping everybody together.
    Eric Frisch


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      I was going to suggest the Tempo App for iPhone/iPad as well -- if all you want is click.
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        Originally posted by efrisch View Post
        I would also suggest sending the click to everyone who has in ears, rather than just the drummer. It makes a big difference in keeping everybody together.
        I agree with this very much. We started using a click that the drummer initiates (using Tempo by Frozen Ape) about a year ago and it has greatly tightened up our team. It also has been a huge help to one of our backup drummers who always had issues with meter (mostly speeding up). At first. I was resistant to the idea of all of the team having the click in their ear (especially me, ha-ha), but warmed up to it as time went along because I could not deny the positive results. Our drummer just runs a cable from his phone into Ch. 29 and each person can adjust their own monitor mix on their iPhone/Android Behringer x32 app. I highly recommend this.


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          Agreed with Fred and Nacah. You can download the free version of Multitracks.com's Playback app and set up free click-tracks for your whole worship set too. That's another great way to do it.