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Android Beta for WorshipSong Band

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  • Android Beta for WorshipSong Band

    Hey Guys,

    We have released an Android Beta for our WorshipSong Band cross platform multitrack app. This is the first multitrack player designed for worship leaders for the Android platform. The player is the same free software that runs on IPad, Windows, and Mac.

    Release Notes:
    • The beta release is in APK form so you need to enable non-play store apps on the device.
    • The UI is designed for tablets, but it can be used on phones in landscape mode
    • There is no external lyric display support yet and MIDI support is untested
    • The APK will install on devices with Android 4.0 or later
    • The library folder where you place song zip files is created in your external storage folder and is named "WorshipSongBand"

    If you want to beta test it with some multitracks, contact me and I will provide you a coupon to use any of the 40 multitracks we have in the WorshipSong catalog for free. We will also be announcing a partnership before the end of the year with a major provider of an extensive track library that will be ready to go in the app when you buy them. The app remains completely open to multitrack content you get from anywhere or create yourself.

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    Just downloaded - looking forward to playing with it!
    Eric Frisch


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      I downloaded the beta and a few songs yesterday... and was literally up until almost 1am playing with it. Honestly I didn't think it was going to be this coherent and useful an app. I can already see multiple uses for it, from practice to playing out, to weekends where events keep us from having a full band. I never expected it to have features like scrolling chord charts, instant key change, & capo transpositions. The best thing I've seen so far is the ability to punch in at any point in the song at any time. One of the problems I've had with using loops is that I feel limited to a set arrangement, but this app solves that very nicely.

      I look forward to getting to really put it through its paces and doing a full write-up on it.