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I may have written a small program.

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  • I may have written a small program.

    I do hope I'm not violating some TOS here in writing this, but - as I wrote in my intro - my standard response to solving problems is to write programs for them, I wrote a small program which I'm now using every Sunday to control Propellerheads Reason as my sound engine of choice, using my laptop and the church piano.

    My big problem is that I'm terrible at marketing, so here's a wild stab at trying to find people that might want to check it out and see if it's worth anything.

    I think the use case is pretty clear - being able to produce a lot richer sounds from just the old (MIDI-capable) church piano and a laptop, and doing so in a manner that is efficient, simple, and yet capable. This program takes MIDI input from an external MIDI source, and projects it onto (at most) 64 different MIDI channels simultaneously, allowing you to map channels to Reason instruments, Kontakt Player, or any other software synthesizer that can handle MIDI input. And it's 100% open source and free forever, so...

    Windows only, though, I'm afraid.

    Anyway... not intending to spam, but I'm kind of hoping that perhaps it could be a useful resource in the toolchain of church musicians on a budget.

    Available at https://github.com/mgefvert/MidiJunction if you want to look at it.

    MidiJunction - MIDI Junction box - small Windows application that listens for MIDI events and forwards them to one or more MIDI channels on a virtual loopback device. Excellent for live performances with Propellerhead Reason or other DAWs that maps MIDI channels to instruments.

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    I like this concept, Matt... I wonder how many people are using Reason as their driver for worship service stuff. I know it's cross-compatible, but you might want to lead your marketing with Ableton (the common denominator for many worship ministries out there), etc. Just a thought

    Well done on building your own solution!