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Pad/Loop app for Android?

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  • Pad/Loop app for Android?

    I am looking for an app for Android that will just let me select the key we are going to play and have it play pad in that key until I stop it. I've tried a couple of apps, but one required you to import a song into it and the other had dead space every 10 seconds or so before it resumed the pad.

    I know I'm asking for an Android solution in an iPad world, but I'm hoping someone will know something we can use!



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    Worshipsong Band will do this.

    Just install it, then put this pads file in the library folder it creates on your device:

    Then select 'Bridge' pads in the settings, and the pad controls along the bottom will start/stop the pads. You can switch keys with the pads popup menu. Its most suited to a tablet.

    The pads stuff is at the bottom of the image on this page:


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      Mark...whats the best site to download the songs from?...


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        Another option is WorshipTeamDirector (or SmallGroupDirector) - you import your pads from Dropbox/etc. and it does a nice gentle fade in between each pad whenever you click on it to go to the next one.

        How long are you needing for the pad to go? Is 20 minutes enough? I helped build some amazing worship pads that you might want to check out. Go to www.coresoundpads.com and download the free sample pack if you want to use them right away.
        Transform your worship atmosphere with easy-to-use pad loops from Coresound.


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          Originally posted by Ssobel View Post
          Mark...whats the best site to download the songs from?...
          The biggest library that is easily imported is the Musicademy Worship Backing Band library, by far. They have about 250 songs, and you just drag them into the app on Windows or Mac and it converts them into our format. You still have to add chords if you want them (which is a simple manual editing process), but for track quality, choice, and ease I would look there first.

          If you want indie stuff check our store at Worshipsong, many indies give away content there that is all set up for our app.


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            For one of the best android app for video looping visit http://www.tabnova.com/


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              The best app hands down for your phone/tablets is called Soft Pads. It is currently only on the IOS app store but will be on Android by mid to late June of 2018 ! Check out some of the videos of this app in action on the company Facebook page. This worship pad will not disappoint https://www.facebook.com/Soft-Pads-1993517617633406/


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                Pad Looper is ok now.


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                  Pad Looper is pretty nice, I am using it as well and I would recommend it to everybody. I think that there are a lot of good alternatives on the Play Market, because there are a few years passed, so there are more options you can chose for now. Also I am using clubvip777.com app for playing, it is the best alternative for my main poker website. So now I can lay in bed and have fun without any problems. Moreover there are a lot of new features which I am sure that can impress everybody.
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