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Garage band for iPad backing Tracks

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  • Garage band for iPad backing Tracks

    Hi I am new here. To cut a long story short, I am part of a small mission church and we are always struggling for musicians so I have started making backing track arrangements to play live using my iPad and garageband. The flexibility has been great; can change keys easily, mute the bass part if a bass player rolls up etc. i'm not a guitar player, but between the software instruments on board and supplementing with some from Logic pro I'm pretty happy with the results. I would love to be able to share these with other small churches who find themelves in a similar predicament.
    Questions: does anyone know if such a forum exists to share backing track arrangements?
    Does anyone here want to have a listen or use them?

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    Here is what I've done so far:

    Glory in the highest
    Wonderful maker
    Holy spirit rain down
    How great is our God
    This kingdom
    How great is our God
    Wonderful maker
    God of wonders
    I could sing of your love for ever
    I'm your servant
    Come fill me again
    Nothing but the blood
    Ancient of days
    How great thou art
    All bowed down
    The heaven's Shall declare
    Let your mercy reign
    Trust and obey
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      Hi Stabby,
      I come from a very similar church situation.....so I do keyboards myself, and then am getting help from Band-in-a-box, export the tracks to Logic, convert it to WAV files, then import it into the Pro-Wave player in Worshipbackingband.......a bit of a long process, but it seems to do the job. Worshipbackingband does not have an IPAD app yet, so it runs off my Macbook Pro, and I use a bluetooth keyboard to avoid making it look like I'm checking email in the middle of the worship session!

      I'm curious to know if you can jump between song sections in Garage band, because that's the one function that I need the most while doing a song.
      And yes, the 'good' backing tracks are not cheap....so I'm also looking for a sharing forum, where kind-hearted folk will not mind sharing!


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        I'd be interested if people wanted to share tracks over on our WorshipSong forums. All the better if they were prepped so they would run in our WorshipSong Band app. While WSB does not so software instruments except pads and metronome, it does a good job of playing back multitracks with integrated chord charts, etc, and it runs on any platform you will be using (except Linux).


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