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Best Virtual Drums For Randomized Playing??

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  • Best Virtual Drums For Randomized Playing??

    Hi there,

    I've been recording songs of my own for a few years now. The one area I always severely lack in my recordings is the area of drums. I have never been able to "program" virtual drums. I'm a keyboard player and have always been stuck with the pre-canned drum patterns on my digital piano. I've tried some of the other programs like Toontrack EZ Drummer, etc.

    Basically I'm trying to find something that is easily moldable/flexible for different styles without having to be a complete drum programming genius to use. The closest thing I've found has been Jamstix by Rayzoon, but wanted to bounce it off the community to see what others thought or use that fit this criteria.

    I'm fully aware of BFD and those huge sample library kits, but I'm fairly certain you have to be pretty good at programming drum patterns to use.

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    Hey pian0dude!
    I have been using Jamstix for a few months and really like it. The samples are good and the VST will wrap around other drum samplers like the ones you mentioned. Where the program shines is its ability to create realistic drum patterns on both a drum kit and auxiliary percussion ("Jamcussion").

    I use the instrument with Ableton Live for both loop creation and as a midi sound module (playing midi patterns created outside of Jamstix). It works well on my Windows/AMD64 business class computer.

    "Rock On" (Matt 7:24-25)

    Dave Brown