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Just getting started and using a PC - what do I need?

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  • Just getting started and using a PC - what do I need?

    Hi there,

    I would like to start using loops and clicks with our band, but I'm not sure what I would need to start. We have a lot of things in place - we're already using the Aviom system for our monitors, so that's taken care of.

    But, we don't have any Mac laptops at the church, so whatever program I use to run the loops/clicks will need to be able to run on a PC.

    Let's say I wanted to purchase some loops they have available on Praise Charts. What would I need to start using those with our band?


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    I would recommend recording your loops as professionally as possible, and I would try to find a very basic mac, and run digital performer 7, I use that on sundays when ever we have enough in ear packs, the results are always great!


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      We use the PraiseCharts loops extensively at our church. They are just standard MP3s, so all you need to play them back is an MP3 player or media software on your computer. Send the left channel (click) to your Avioms only and the right (loop/synth) to both the monitors and the house. Simple as that.

      Obviously, this can all get a lot more complicated if you're creating your own loops or controlling them live with software like Ableton. That's beyond what we do, so I'll let others address those topics. I will say that we use MP3 loops for about 75% of our tunes now, and they have served our needs well. Most we've found online, some I've recorded myself. I use a software program called SoundBoard that lets you set each track's volume individually and then start and stop each track with a keyboard shortcut. Very cool & worth the $15 for the full version.

      Hope it helps!
      Eric Frisch


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        Thanks, Eric! I've downloaded SoundBoard and will give it a try.