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Click sound?

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  • Click sound?

    For those experienced in using click tracks and loops...

    I currently produce a click track for every song each week with a sequencer track for any songs that need it. We don't have a keyboard player every week.

    For those of you that run your tracks from Reason, what sound do you use as your click sound. I currently use a cow bell because it cuts through our IEM mix but my electric guitar player wants something less harsh. What do you guys use?

    I tried to upload a sample, but I kept getting a database error.


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    I don't use Reason (yet), but I do use Live & Logic. Maybe its personal preference, but I find that something close to Live's standard click sound is good for me & the rest of the band. It cuts through, but isnt harsh. In Logic, I have tweaked the click's tone some so its somewhat close to Live. If you're not familiar with Live, the click sound is around B5 or 1khz with the accent around B6 or 2khz.

    As a drummer, I find that what works best for me is to have the click somewhat covered up by my snare in my mix....if I'm off, the click stands out - if I'm locked in, its below the snare in my mix. As always, YMMV.
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      Free click track sound at mymusicwriter.com

      If youd like to create your own click tracks and need the same sweet, clean, cut-thru, yet un-annoying click track sound patch we use mymusicwriter.com has what you are looking for. Two WAV files (in a nice ZIP package) for a strong beat and weak beat of your click tracks. Use them in Reason (Redrum track) or Ableton to get yourself rolling. And its free. Hope this helps.


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        Creating Click Tracks in Ableton Live

        Hey Nathan,
        Just saw your post. Here's a video showing how easy it is to create click tracks in Ableton Live: YouTube - Creating Click Tracks in Ableton Live . Live and Reason both run really well together as well. Let me know if you have any more questions!