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Best Live Loop Station?

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  • Best Live Loop Station?

    So, recently I plugged my violin with it's new pick-up system into a Boss delay pedal and started messing with live looping in a performance context. Not only is it super fun, but audiences seem extremely captivated by it--not really sure why....guitarists have been doing it forever.

    The response has been SO enthusiastic to my little arrangements that I'm thinking I need to upgrade to a real loop station that can handle multiple parts--and manipulate them in real time.

    I also need something that any idiot can figure out how to use....



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    You have a few choices... I'd recommend something simple like a Boss RC-2 or Digitech JamMan Solo. They're compact pedals, but you can connect footswitches to them to cycle through different loops you've recorded.

    When you say "manipulate" what are you looking to do with them? Undo/redo? Reverse? Time stretch? Playback and mute multiple loops at the same time? Depending on what you want, you will need different pedals. The Boss RC-50 will do pretty much all of the above (and then some) but you might not want to spend $500 on one if you're just playing around with it. If you just need to record and overdub, and switch between loops (not concurrently) then you can use something small like the Boss RC-2 or Digitech JamMan Solo, and an add-on switch to toggle between loops.

    I know this isn't exactly a straight answer, but it helps if you know what you're trying to accomplish, and I just so happen to have the manuals to all the major looping stations here on my hard drive for research. I'm using software, but comparing features gives me a good idea how to plan out my workflow.


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      A great place to ask this - thegearpage forum, or GS gearS.... you know.... look it online haha.
      Or you can just search, there are a few big threads on this.

      I love looping although admittedly have not had much practice.

      You've got a few choices, and each platform has it's own pros and cons.

      One of the best is the Boomerang. It's specialty pedal but it's pretty powerful.
      It's awesome because you can have several loops going, I think there are like three "tracks" you can loop onto.

      Boss RC-50 - apparently expensive and sound quality isn't that great, but I suppose it's workable for live usage.
      It's also quite old and limited in certain areas, I don't remember which ones.

      The new RC series seem really popular and lots of people use them. Can't go wrong if you just want a simple looper.

      Digitech - Jam man is pretty good but it also suffered from tone suck (the old one). The newer ones are apparently better.

      The most powerful bestest looper ever is for the computer.
      It's called Mobius loop. The default has 8 loops, you can undo and reverse, sync tempos (and sync to DAW) add in all sorts of crazy behaviours... AND... It's free. Catch is it's not a pedal, so you'll need an interface and learn the program as well. It's looping heaven though. You can control the decay behaviour and loop stacking decays as well.

      There's also a whole site dedicated to this, quite old but still workable, loopers delight or something.

      Have fun! I love looping! I wish I could do it more but rarely do


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        I've been looking at Loopy to use on my iPad. We have a really small band, mostly acoustic, sometimes a bass and a djembe. I've been considering recording some synth pad type things to use...not sure if I'm going to use it or not. Going to pray about it and speak with some others on the lead team.


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          I use the JamMan for looping basic click tracks to keep our team on tempo. I'd really like to use it for more in depth looping, but I'm still trying to walk and chew gum (i.e. just sing and play guitar) at the same time - lol.