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Ableton Live 7 Load Time

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  • Ableton Live 7 Load Time

    I've posed this question on a few sites, but have yet to receive a consise answer. So, I'm posting it here in hopes that somebody can help me.

    I purchased Live a while ago and I love it. In fact, it's taking over from Sonar on my computer due to the fact that it's much easier to get things out. My problem is that it can take a minute or more to load a set. the way I'm using it, a set is one song, so it will take way too long to open a new set for each song.

    When I posted this question on Ableton's forums, I only got one reply which went something like, "Just put everything in one set." Call me stupid, but I don't see how this can be done, unless I export as a wave or mp3, and then add the file to a new set. Doesn't seem very efficient to me.

    Can somebody walk me through a scenario on how they use ableton from conception through performance. It would be nice to hear from a guitar player, and a keyboard player.



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    This may end up scrambled!

    K I'm really tired... so this might be all over the place haha

    Here's how to do it all in one session:

    If you don't like Arrangements and want to flow or whatever:

    You automate the tempos using the Scenes in the clip window. You can assign Tempos on the scenes on the right hand side by renaming them "### Bpm; #/#" Ex: renaming a scene to "127 BPM; 3/4" will change the tempo to 127 BPM in 3/4. You can then drop all your files and use scenes to launch sections of each song. (Intro is Scene1, Verse Scene 2... etc etc etc... Intro for Song 2 is #12.... something like that) I've had great success doing that. You then use a Midi Controller or Laptop keys or something to trigger different scenes or sections.

    Also good to note is that you can build songs with the tempos in mind as far as the Scenes go... and then using the file browser you can drop whole ableton files into a new session. So if you build your loops with a template (pad on channel1, loop on channel 3, guitars on channel 28) then when you want to create a setlist, you just drag and drop song files and you're done! Makes it really simple. Just be sure to double check that you have the tempo changes correct...

    If you LOVE arrangements:

    Export each track you want (keys... guit... loops... etc) in a separate file (from the Arrangement window in Live or from ProTools or whatever you use) from the same starting location WITH THE DESIRED COUNT IN! So, maybe have 2 bars intro of silence before anything starts... then the arrangement starts... 4 counts then 4 counts. Whatever you prefer. Then you can drop the entire arrangement on one scene and when you launch it (having renamed the scene for tempo as described above) you'll have a count in, then the arrangement starts. You can then stack one session with all your songs and just rearrange scenes for setlists.

    The difference is basically the first method you're using 20 second-ish clips and aren't restricted by an arrangement - you can sing that chorus 50 times if you want to However it requires much much much more awareness so you can switch song sections appropriately (ironic really - if you want to have spontaneous with Ableton in worship, you have to think more - haha wonder how God feels about that? kidding....)
    The second method requires less attention - just proper setup... but you're playing that sweet arrangement EVERY time.

    I use both methods depending upon the song. Some songs just are sick with an awesome arrangement - others need special care every time.

    That's two ways you can use Ableton successfully in worship - I do however recommend rehearsing the snot out of the songs beforehand... SOOOO easy to trainwreck haha.

    Just FYI:

    I use method 1 exclusively with JesusCulture.

    I use both method 1 and 2 with my own personal music live.

    I use method 2 exclusively for Brian Johnson.

    I just depends on the situation and the leader

    I hope this helps! It's hard to figure this stuff out... I should really write a Ableton for worship pdf. I get asked this kind of stuff at every event we do.

    Jesus Culture Keys / Ian McIntosh Music


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      What I have done for my particular situation is make an mp3 of each file. I only have myself (on keys) and a guitar player and that's all we will have for now on a consistent basis. I was using the Ableton with Interactive Worship Live files and, like you, was having to wait to load files in the .wav format. So.......

      I saved the entire mixed file as a single mp3, edited and set markers in Ableton (being careful to match the tempo exact, etc.) then saved the new file as a set list with that song name. Then, all I have to do is double click (netbook running XP) on the file and it loads in a matter of seconds and I'm ready to go.

      Hope that helps.



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        Revisiting... (Ableton 8 with multiple IWL tracks)

        Hi there. I'm asking this same question, so I thought I would add to this old thread rather than start afresh.
        I didn't understand the answer properly, or perhaps didn't like the solution enough (if I did)...

        We have the IWL tracks that come as arrangements and I would like to be able to use those sequentially without having to wait for a song to load.
        So - is there a way to have one arrangement (complete with the different locators for Verse, Chorus, etc.) one after the other or something?

        I followed Ian's instructions (I think) and found that I could drag individual wav/mp3 files to the clip slots for scenes in session view, then starting the scene gives me the whole song and the next scene is the next song. BUT the arrangement is gone and there's no control via locators.
        I didn't understand Ian's comment "Then you can drop the entire arrangement on one scene..." - I could only find how to drop individual audio files. Anyone know how to do this?

        Any advice or suggestions for what you do with IWL tracks or similar would be great.
        We can't just mix them to a single file, though, since we're using 6-channel output and changing the choice of instruments (outputs) each week depending on the band.


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          Hi Lindsay,

          It took me a long time to figure this out too. Basically, you need to slice vertically in the arrangement view, and then re-assemble the slices horizontally. IE: slice each track in the arrangement view at the same place (verse 1, chorus, verse 2, bridge, breakdown, etc). Then copy each track clip to the session view for a given part, into the same row. Note, that track lengths should be the same length of time. So, in the session view, you will have something like the following for the corresponding tracks...
          • Gorious - Verse 1: Drums
          • Gorious - Verse 1:Loops
          • Gorious - Verse 1:Bass
          • Gorious - Verse 1:Strings
          • Gorious - Verse 1:Pad
          • etc...

          If you put more than one song into a set (recommended way), then you should make sure to set your tempo and time sig in the master track of at least the first row of the song. I put it in all the scenes so that I can start at any place. It's also recommended to make all the clips for a given song be the same color.

          To replay the song, just execute each scene (row) by click (arrow in the master track), keyboard, or midi device 1 bar (configurable) before you want it to play. If you don't execute the scene, then the current scene will play over.

          Here's a site for a midi foot controller that works great... They've got a couple of videos that should help.
          Ability Controller

          You should also check out Loops in Worship for more training.

          Let me know if you get it working


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            After looking at the IWL website (never been there before), they suggest laying out the songs horizontally in the arrangement view. There's a training video on how to do this. Personally, I prefer the way I described, but this certainly is a viable way too, albeit with a bit more work involved each Sunday.

            Look for the video titled, Building a 'Custom Sunday Session" .

            Good luck


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              Use two instances of Live

              Thanks for the detailed tip. It looks like a good solution, but a lot of work.
              After I posted this request, I found one forum post somewhere that said "or you could just run two instances of Live", so I copied my Live application to another folder, made a shortcut and now I can run two instances of the program at once (on Mac).
              This doesn't seem like an elegant solution, but it works fine (at home anyway). I can load the two tracks in the two programs, then when one is finished or even nearly finished, I just switch and start the next one.
              Very simple and only 30 seconds setup time. I'll try this for now.