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Live-looping from the stage.

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  • Live-looping from the stage.

    Hi everybody! I've posted some thoughts on live-looping before but it's been a while. I thought someone might be interested in discussing and giving me some feed back on how you feel about whether live-looping works in the worship setting. Your perspective and input is much appreciated.

    Visit this post on my blog and lets explore it!
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    what's live looping. i clicked on the words and it brought me to some youtube video.


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      Good question...

      Originally posted by worshipthruitall View Post
      what's live looping. i clicked on the words and it brought me to some youtube video.
      The youtube video shows KT Tunsdall doing live looping in her song Big Black Horse and a Cherry Tree. She uses a stomp box that records a progression and plays it back. She then builds on that progression adding more live recordings over the original progression until there are enough to make it sound like she has a perc player, another guitarist and two BG vocalists. She does it all live. No prerecorded loops or tracks to play along with.

      "Live looping is the art of layering sounds in a live performance using a looping device that records/samples sounds and plays them back in a “loop”. Once your initial “loop” is recorded it plays back indefinitely, then you can continue to record (overdub) more sounds on top of your initial “loop” to create more depth and fun." Arthur Leeland

      There are different loop samplers available that have varying capabilities. I use a Line 6 DL4 which gives me 23 seconds to lay down a progression to build on. I understand that there are a few worship leaders using live looping besides me. I saw Brett Williams of Calvary Fellowship Seattle using the DL4 a few yeas ago at a worship conference.

      You can find out more about live looping at: ArthurLeeland.com Explore his pages and get all you need to know. Hope that helps.


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        and you do all this DURING the actual worship service?


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          Yes, but without the "big show". The idea is to be stealthy about it. I've only used it during casual settings like a smaller mid-week service and we used it during out last Christmas concert looping the children's choir on the song Remember by TSO. It was great.

          The sample doesn't have to be so complicated. Doing a simpler loop might be something like a single guitar progression and a rhythm tapped out on the guitar box. Then your live vocals and guitar playing along.
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            I dont know anything about that so that sounds a little scary to me. I would be nervous that i would be too concerned about getting the loops right...


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              Ya, I totally understand that postion. I've had my DL4 for several years and I'm just getting to where it's becoming natural to tap the pedal at the right moment and not have to be so focused on what I'm doing that I lose the sense of worshipping and leading.

              Live looping is obviously something you just cant jump into without some practice and preparation. Getting a feel for it and loving doing it.


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                have you heard of that "interactive live worship" site that you can download these full band tracks to these worship songs, so that when a band member is gone, you can just plug in his track so that it sounds like he's there?


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                  Yep, there's a good resource. I guess I'm more interested in the creative aspect of live looping. Creative worship is where I'm coming from. Pre-recorded tracks have their place too.