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chart software quest

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  • chart software quest

    Hey, all.

    I still have not found, after a 2 month search, software for my Surface Pro 3 that can deal with charts so I can go paperless. I see Mac has everything I need in SEVERAL softwares, all for free, but...I'm on PC.

    Here are the features I need:

    * ability to SCROLL at a certain speed
    * Ability to load in hundreds of MICROSOFT WORD chart files, not some other "popular" format
    * Ability to change the font characteristics/colors on any chart
    * ability to load in my OWN SONGS, NOT found anywhere on the Internet, again in Word format
    * ability to create set lists that enable quick "next song" shifting
    * ability to have WHITE or BLACK background behind words & chords

    So far I've only found one in the U.K. for SEVENTY-some dollars that can do this on the PC platform. I can't justify paying that much when Mac has several out there for free.

    I went through every app in the PC app store and tried 'em all. None of them have these functionalities. So I'm hoping somebody out there knows maybe of software, or an app (my Surface can take either), that can step up to this plate.



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    Any reason why you're so locked into using Word docs for this? You'll open up a lot more options across all platforms with PDF.
    Eric Frisch