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  • Sound from Computer

    What is the best way to get sound from my computer to our sound board? Currently we are using the headphone output straight into the board channel. There has to be a better way. Lots of hissing and other noises are happening. Any ideas? Would a sound card with some sort of dedicated output for sound signal be the answer?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Look for an audio interface in your price range.

    Presonus and MOTU make some good stuff. This will let you use either firewire or USB as an output source. We have a 10 channel in/out Presonus at FOH. We use 2 channels out and 4 in during every service.
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      We use the headphone out like you do, only we don't have the popping and hissing. It really is just another output; don't think it is somehow "second-rate" for an output. The popping and hissing is not normal, however. If you use a pair of headphones or ear buds does it do the same thing? Perhaps it is the cable, the board input, or a dusty volume pot. Are you using a few adapter changes to get from the headphone-out into the board (e.g., XLR, 1/4 inch changes)? I'd seek out these low cost fixes first! Hope this helps!


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        I recently had this problem, and I think this one can help. If sound is restored when the headphones or one speaker is plugged in, replace the original sound cable with a new sound cable and test for sound. Sound should be restored after replacing the sound cable. If sound does not come back after replacing the cable, the sound card needs to be replaced because the speaker out connector is bad.

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          Hi Moosicman, Thanks for sharing your ideas. It help me a lot. Your thoughts was great.


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            We use a maudio fast track.. It's a nice cheap solution.. $100 and it's USB based.. Also for an even cheaper solution a griffin imic is a great solution ($30) still USB, just fewer bells and whistles..

            If you are using the built in output and getting noise, make sure your computers volume is not set to 100%.. That will create noise.. Try not to go beyond 75% of the computers max volume. There really isn't anything wrong with using the built in output.. If its just for some background music before the service or sound from a video