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IMAC upgrade advice

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  • IMAC upgrade advice

    So my present computer is crashing and burning. I think, like or not, its time to buy a new one. I'm going IMac this time and I want some advice. Here are the specs I'm looking at and some of what I'll be doing. I'm looking at the 21.5 inch screen model (I'm gonna go dual monitor so I don't care if its a small monitor). There are three areas I need advice on upgrading it based on the fact that I'm gonna use it to record some of my music. These won't be extravagant studio type albums with tons of tracks but I DO want them to be of excellent quality (where processing power is concerned). So here they are.

    1. Should I upgrade to the 3.33 ghz for 200 more bucks vs. the standard 3.06 ghz? If the standard will be acceptable and I can save the cash obviously I would rather, but if it really will make a huge difference then that is what I need to know.

    2. Upgrade the 4GB RAMM to the 8GB RAMM for another 200 bucks? The prior is a 2x2 GB and the latter is a 4X2GB. I kinda know what that means but here again, if for my purposes the 4 will be acceptable then I don't wanna buy the 8 just to have a super-power system.

    3. Again, should I upgrade the 1 TB hard drive to the 2 TB for $250? Same deal, if I'll use the space, great. If I would probably never know the difference then I would rather save the cash.

    I'm gonna be purchasing Logic Studio to do the recording. That's gonna run me $500 and another reason I don't want to upgrade these things unless it really would be noticed and necessary. I want the system to be powerful enough but I don't need to "flex my muscles". I don't want to buy power and space that I could really get by without and won't use. Thanks for the advice!

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    Processor will help you record multiple tracks better. We currently multitrack our live worship with 32 tracks in at once on a 2.26 GHz MacMini with 2GB or RAM no prob.

    I would get the lower processor knowing that. I would upgrade RAM, but not through Apple. OtherWorldComputing does Mac upgrades fantastically. Apple overcharges for the upgrades. Buy some extra RAM there, it is super easy to install in an iMac. As for extra HD space, you want a beefy backup for audio and you will get better results in Logic if you record your tracks on a hard drive that is separate from the OS and Logic hosting HD. In your shoes I would invest in two external HDs and keep the smaller internal. Potentially getting two 500GB or 1TB externals should serve you for a long time. Use one for recording tracks and one as a nice backup of all your important stuff.

    That is how I would do it.
    Travis Paulding,
    Production & Technology Director, St. Simons Community Church


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      Many thanks, Travis!