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Communicating With Sound/Video Team From Down Below

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  • Communicating With Sound/Video Team From Down Below

    Interesting title, I know...

    Our church is setup with a main level sanctuary and then a balcony section that overhangs the floor level. Our sound / video booth is situated in the center of the balcony section.

    Often times I (who sits down on the floor) need to communicate something quickly to my team members up at the board. Short of my running up the stairs to the balcony or text messaging to the sound / video persons phone... what other options would be viable for communication during service.

    I'm talking about things like "maybe we should bring the lights down a little more" or "I can't hear such and such down here", etc.


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    Clear com

    You can use a clear com system.
    but if you are like most churches and don't have thousands to spend on CC.
    Walkie Talkies with ear pieces and mics. We have 8 and I know it did not cost us more than a few hundred for all of them with head sets. It works! we use them every week in the exact same situation.


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      Coms or walkie-talkies will do the trick but do yourself a favor and DON'T put your sound guy in a situation where he has to have one ear in a headphone all the time. Add one more person to the mix that can "produce" or let the video guy have that contact and just let the soundguy know.

      Are you sitting where there is a computer? If so consider using IM or the chat feature of PlanningCenterOnline.

      On another note, the REAL fix would be to make it so that the balcony hears the same thing as the seats on the floor. That will make everyone happier and make it all sound better. Is that a complex or pricey option? Maybe just EQ adjustments on some boxes?

      Is it a consistent offset? In our old building for instance we learned that vocals were hotter in the mix EVERYWHERE but the sound booth. Once we gathered that we began mixing them a tad lower in the mix at FOH and we were able to consistently compensate and they were smooth for the congregation.

      Hope this helps.
      Travis Paulding,
      Production & Technology Director, St. Simons Community Church


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        Our mix position is in the balcony as well. It is a terrible position to put sound, and we hope to move it to the floor soon. Until then, we have had to overcome many of the same problems that you are having.

        We were having to mix from the delay speakers, which was not ideal. We found that too often we were driving the low end too hard because it wasn't reaching the mix position as well as it does in on the floor where our subs are located. I added a pair of studio monitors (Event 20/20 which have a good low end response), and a Driverack to EQ and Delay those speakers to sound like the floor. I used my SMAART rig to get it close, and then tweaked it out from there. That has helped it to where I do not have to mix as much from the floor via com, which has helped.

        We use the Telex 300 series RadioCom. I would prefer their 600 series, but it is just too pricey at this point. We went to that though because we had an existing ClearCom system, but were using radios and ear pieces instead. So we basically just added wireless to our ClearCom system, which was a good solution for us. You can use the RadioCom without ClearCom though, so it might be a good idea to go with that in case you want to add ClearCom in the future and would need the systems to interact.