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    Hey guys-

    Do any of you have producers for your service, that actually call the cues of the service? What is in their "job description"? Do they have a lot of technical knowledge, or are they focused on the overall production? How do they interface with you and your crew?

    I am interested to see how you guys do it.

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    We have a position called the "SEC" - Service/Environments Coordiantor ... Deb is her name - she usually functions in a producer-type role. Otherwise, we typically have one person in the AV/booth producing - just helping make sure things flow technically between the worship team, sound, video, projection, etc. I don't know a lot about what goes into that, but it helps with the flow. Plus, we meet and plan our services during the week, and contribute flow notes in our PlanningCenter outline. If you guys haven't checkedout PlanningCenter yet ... click the banner on this site and check out the free month!
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      Hey Fred-

      The SEC sounds good. Here, our producer is yet another volunteer role, that doesn't need a ton of technical knowledge. As far as production goes, our producer is responsible for calling all of the cues for the service, talking to the band through their in ears, the crew in the booth, and the stage hand on stage via the comm system. They are the person who decides where people stand on stage, how transitions are handled, the timing of the service, etc. In the moment of the "weekend service", they are the final word. For example, this weekend our AC units (because of our construction process) were down, so our two Saturday services suffered through the service at 99*. It was his decision to cut the service in half, and lose a few of our creative elements, including a special MercyMe cover, and a lengthy drama.

      Another thing you may want to think about, especially as you move into your new building....our producer is also responsible for thinking about things that nobody else does.....what happens if the electricity goes out? What happens if the fire alarm goes off? Who is responsible for that? We even have a communication protocol for the event that some crazy person comes into the room, where we have our stagehand excort our Speaking Pastor into a safe room, and have the person dealt with as quickly as possible (don't think we haven't dealt with it....this is Vegas). Something you never want to deal with, but the sad truth is....in today's world....it's a reality that we need to have SOMEONE thinking about.

      Our producer works closely with Guest Services to make sure that the overall experience is distraction free, and moving. As we move into this next year, that position will transition, and split into two positions...the Exec. Producer, and the Tech Producers...the exec. calling the cues from the overall standpoint....the tech producers working with the individual crew members (10 members per service) to get the service done.