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How many Worship Leaders are Technical Directors?

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  • How many Worship Leaders are Technical Directors?

    This last week was really long and tough. Our Tech director was on vacation and guess who got stuck with his job, me! Anyway, we run cameras for IMAG during our service, we also use different lighting schemes (intelligent and conventional) and we use lots of wireless on mute groups for our drama.

    So...this week we just happened to have a drama that I had to write and direct, we also had a live interview thrown in 3 days before the service, and we had a no-show for one of our camera positions. We have volunteers but, their training is still basic, and, our church runs about 500 people on an average weekend so recruiting has been hard. Surprisingly things went ok, but sure enough in our first service the feed to the projectors went out and the worship leader was crawling around and scrolling through menus trying to fix things. It was tough!!!

    Anybody else have similar experiences?

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    It must have been the week! Tough for sure. You can see details of the problems that came during rehearsal on Thursday in my post [URL="http://www.loribiddle.com/2008/10/meltdown.html"] it is called Meltdown. The post after that is called weekend post and talks about how it all worked out!

    You sound like you had about every detail possible in your weekend too! Don't you long for simple sometimes!! ha ha!


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      In the old room before we really realigned things and specifically made Cristian TD it was a mess. I would saying to the techs from stage, "now when I end this song step on it with the video...no, no, no bring the lights down first...dude quit tuning right now, i need the video guys to hear me....quiet vocalists....do you know which video I am talking about, what do you mean it won't fire???".

      Man is life nice on this side of the fence. We have Cristian as TD and Chris producing services. Getting the techs in a production room behind stage where they can communicate w/o fear of distracting anyone was huge. I'll post up on worshiptrench a pic of the prod room and our structures soon. I can finally only focus on leading the musical aspect of worship now or preaching only depending on what week it is....ahhhhhh


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        I start my new job in about two weeks, Worship Director/Tech director, church of about 1100.
        However I don't worship lead often, I'm most commonly found playing guitar or doing sound.

        The majority of the 'Tech' part of my job will be midweek - I need to rebuild our systems to get some better performance and relabilty. Hopefully once video and sound are more stable then the weekend meltdowns will slow to a trickle.
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          I'm the Worship Director/Technical Director at my Church. Relatively small of about 200 people but we're seeing a large growth in the youth area which means my job of providing a setting to make them feel comfortable in the building has just got a load busier!

          Just moved onto sound to light for our youth services and also looking at some moving heads.


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            I just got promoted to the Worship Arts director at church, and that role is very much all-encompassing. If it has to do with worship and art at the church in any way, the buck stops with me. It is very liberating because I can finally address some glaring issues, but man is it a ton of work.

            Our setup is very simple for now, but is riddled with problems that I am trying desperately to fix. No meltdowns yet, just dealing with moving into a new building with a new (albeit imperfect) A/V setup and training our people to use them well.

            Most of my production work happens before and after practice, so I can focus on leading and playing guitar at practice.


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              My husband is in A/V for a living and is also the worship pastor. He loves running sound and and building sets for lighting and what not. I actually like the A/V world as well. I'd much rather sing of course but I'm pretty good at sets and strikes. I can run sound a little but not as well as my hubbs.