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  • Keyboard Options for Church

    Hi guys,

    Just wanted to open a thread for an experienced worship leader in need of something new! I've been leading using our veteran Yamaha concert-style electronic keyboard for quite a few years, and aside for its rather clumsy split, limited instrument samples and tinny sound, it's struggling now our church has entered a more Hillsong-esque level of development. Notably, drums, electric guitars and bass have meant that I want to develop more ambient, pad-voices rather than always be taking the melody.

    As someone who has worrying gaps in his technical understanding of the ins and outs of keyboard (I'm ok with Garage Band and MIDI!), I wanted to ask for any advice from the forum about possible set-ups and ideas to tackle this. Ideally, I'd like to invest in a keyboard where I can have lots of samples, ease of transport and set up but still a quality sound/product. Happy to spend around 200/$350 I would think, but can go higher if that's a nogo.

    Anyways, any advice on any of my above ramblings would be much appreciated.


    Worship Leader, Rivers Team, Sheffield, England

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    If you're already comfortable with GarageBand, etc., I would look for a nice controller. You could probably even use your existing Yamaha if you like the feel. There is a lot of flexibility with software, and $350 is a pretty low budget given the requirements you listed.
    Eric Frisch