1506456_547060895383531_478729250_n.pngA friend recently introduced me to http://scorecloud.com.

I think it's really cool - you play, or even sing, some notes, and ScoreCloud writes them down.

It can be used to produce 'full featured' sheet music that looks terrific, but it's this 'instant notation' aspect that inspires me the most.

In many churches there are experienced and skilful musicians who can only play music that's written down; they can't ad lib something because their training has never required that. I previously led a worship band with a hugely skilled flautist who completely dried up if there were no notes. While it was my ambition to 'wean her' off her dependence on notation, I used to spend a long time writing some quavers for her to play between the lines of the songs people were singing.

(My foundational rule for flute: in general you breathe while everyone's singing, and you play while everyone's taking a breath.)

How I would have loved this software - just play a few notes and there they are on the page!

(I no longer lead that group, and the flautist is 'all grown up' now, with no dependence on written notes. She's awesome, prophetic, breath-taking.)