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Any acoustic players using the Baggs Lyric?

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  • Any acoustic players using the Baggs Lyric?

    Just wondering if anyone was using one or someone on your team. I've read quite a bit, but it would be nice to hear from more of a Sunday morning perspective. Your experience might save me time and a headache.

    Many thanks!

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    Yes, Iím using one. I think itís excellent. It tends to feedback more so than a normal UST acoustic guitar pickup, but itís not unusable.

    Itís easily the best sounding pickup Iíve had. I have had 4 different pickups in my main guitar, (iíve been searching for the right plugged in tone!), and the Lyric is vastly, vastly better than anything else Iíve had. Itís not perfect though, it still needs a little bit of EQ. Iím planning to get an LR Baggs Para DI to go with mine, because I find it can take the sound tech a couple of minutes to get it right.
    If I had the EQ setup and ready to go, they shouldnít have do much if anything to it.

    Seriously, go get one, itís great. Fantastic.

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      I think the baggs lyric is about as good as it gets with acoustic pickups. It's the closest to actually putting a mic to a guitar imo.