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Baritone for Acoustic?

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  • Baritone for Acoustic?


    Our son, a gifted musician who has sung and played guitar in our church's high school and middle school services since he was in 7th grade (he's 20 now), is currently studying to be a pastor, but plays in the Christian college's worship band now, so it's a safe bet that he will always be involved in some form with worship music.

    Thinking about this Christmas, as well as when he graduates, my wife and I were considering a guitar as a gift. (I should note that I've built him several custom electric guitars, and while I'm hoping someday to attain a level of skill to make acoustic guitars from scratch, I'm not there yet. Nope. No way.)

    He bought himself an Ovation guitar a few years ago, and it is his go-to acoustic in most cases. There are a few others he sometimes uses, a hollow body Ibanez as well as 2 electrics i made, but except when he's playing in his small group, the Ovation is mainly it.

    He's talked about saving for a better flat-backed guitars than the ones he has here that are low, low end, saying he was interested in an attachment that goes on the rear of a guitar that resonates like an effect peddle might, but is unplugged.

    That got me wondering. Is a baritone acoustic something that would find much use in worship music? I don't play myself, but I thought maybe that would add to an instrument collection that might come in handy if he ends up starting a church plant at some point. At the same time, I don't want to load him down with instruments that have the same tonal range (my wife finally got me to curb my building frenzy!) I'm sure his early guitars will find a home here for when his future children cone along. But would a baritone acoustic be a good fit for him?