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Guitarist wanting to learn keyboard/piano

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  • Guitarist wanting to learn keyboard/piano

    Hello. I am a guitarist that wants to learn keyboard/Piano. I have a small budget to get something to learn with around $200ish. I currently own an M-Audio Axiom 25 midi controller but feel very limited because of its size. I really do like the feel and size of the keys though.

    From my research 61 keys is good to start learning with. I guess my question is do I search craigslist to get a Yamaha or Casio keyboard for a good price or do I get a bigger midi controller?

    I guess the pros to a keyboard would be it has its own sounds, so I would not be tethered to a computer. I also know that most will function as a midi controller either via USB or midi cable.

    I guess the pros of a midi controller is they are lighter because they do not have speakers and I am only limited to the software that I have as far as sounds go but I have to use my computer or ipad to get sound.

    Any suggestions would be helpful.