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Guitar Setups (Resurrected)!

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  • Guitar Setups (Resurrected)!

    Since the board is back up, you know what we need!
    What is everybody using for their guitar setups? Pedals, amps, modelers, iso boxes, etc?
    Bass rigs welcome!
    (I'll post mine separately)

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    I went through a few iterations of this board over the last year, but this is what I'm currently using.
    AMT Volume/boost (at 12V)
    MXR Dynacomp
    Danelectro Daddy-O (a Marshall Guv'nor clone, slightly modded)
    Roger Linn Adrenalinn 3 (for amp sims, delay, and modulation fx)
    This is set up with an AC30 amp sound, slight room verb, and either quarter or dotted 8th delay. Can also run chorus or vibrato.
    Digitech TR-7 (use it for Rotovibe or Leslie sounds)
    TCE Hall of Fame 2 ("Church" setting)

    I play a stock Mexican Strat through this, straight to FOH.
    Whole thing is packed in an old Panasonic camcorder case with foam for transport.


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      Ooh- gear head thread. Never hurts to have one

      I've found myself playing guitar mostly now- my two guitars are a PRS SE and a just-acquired G&L Legacy S (strat). Guitar Center had the G&L in a Irish Ale (transparent brown) finish on a Deal of the Day or something where it was $150 off. Couldn't pass it up. It plays and sounds great- has that traditional Strat sound with the ALNICO 5 pickups. They aren't super hot, but have a great tone. The PRS plays like butter and sounds great to boot. I can swap out the G&L and the PRS and don't have to tweak any settings on my rig to get a good sound.

      I play those through a Digitech RP500 using the Fender 65 Twin amp model with a TS 808 distortion model with big reverb and delay. 90% of the time it fits in real well, but I just added a tone file from their user forum that's supposed to be the Eddie Van Halen sound that has a pretty good loud & dirty tone without being harsh and overly 'digital'.

      Sorry I don't have pictures.
      If we want to go places we haven't been, we will have to do things we haven't done.


      • JeffHendricks
        JeffHendricks commented
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        Strat -> TS808 -> cranked Fender Twin = instant Stevie Ray. Love that sound, it cuts through like a hot knife through butter.

        Digitech stuff get ragged on pretty hard, but they've made some amazing stuff in the last few years. Pity that Harmon laid off everyone there. I'm probably going to end up getting some more of their Hardwire and newer stuff.

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      My setup: usually Fender Pro Junior, Boss ME-70, ESP EC-1000QM (with Seymour Duncan pickups) or Fender Showmaster with Seymour Duncan Jazz/Full Shred. I am selling my original 1972 Fender Twin Reverb.

      I sold my Pro Junior so right now I'm "headless" into the sound system. I plan on getting the Boss ME-80 and then a Roland keyboard amp (now that I have a keyboard) because the ME-80 amp modeling is mature enough that I don't need a traditional amp. So I'm consolidating.

      The Seymour Duncan Full Shred is great for church BTW. It's very bright and clear and articulate, not heavy or overbearing.