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I have no idea what amp to buy!!

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  • I have no idea what amp to buy!!

    So right now I play lead guitar for my worship team, Im using a fender fm 212. I love the amp but it is a royal pain to haul around. Im looking for a small (Both in price and size) amp to replace the fender. I use the Jekyl and Hyde for distortion and overdrive so the amp doesnt have to have that but it would be nice. Any ideas what amp Im looking for??...I have no clue....

    Thanks a ton!!

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    In that price range and for a smaller sized amp look at the Fender Mustang III.
    If you prefer to use your pedals I would look for a used Fender Deluxe Reverb.


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      This is the perpetual question...

      Dig around a bit on the forums- there are some threads with a lot of amp and pedalboard discussion.
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        I would recommend ditching an "actual" amp and getting a Line6 POD. I've been using Line6 products for many years and they have never let me down. Lincoln Brewster is a big fan of Line6 as well. I've used all kinds of amps in the past and really don't miss hauling all the gear around. Go direct to the FOH mixer and have your sound person send your signal to the monitors....Good luck....


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          I ditched my Pod HD & bought a Fender Mustang Floor. The models are great and the user interface is so much easier.
          I really like the choice of the effects and a tube amp.


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            I started with the POD 2 (yeah, old school). Later tried Pod X3. They both sounded great, but what I didn't like was putting in the work beforehand to create patches, only to find they all needed tweaking at rehearsal/service because everything sounds different between home and the church's stage/sound system. I was also frustrated by the billions of parameters and settings under the hood of the X3 that I couldn't see readily up front.

            Got a Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue. Loved the tube feel, response and tone, and I had a lot of fun building my pedalboard. Worked great in a church setting. Simpler to manage because what you see is what you get, unlike the saved patches and sub-menus with many modeling solutions.

            But then like you, I got tired of hauling around a 40lb amp. And it's not even as heavy as what you have now! I got myself a Vox Night Train with a small 1x12 cab. Not quite as sweet as my Fender but still great sounding tube tone & feel, and MUCH easier to haul around. I think there's a lot to be said for small wattage tube amps these days and that's what I would recommend personally.

            But that's just my experience, everyone's different.


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              As everyone above stated, everyone is going to have different preferences. But we can also recommend what we have found to work!

              For me I've used Line 6 PODs as well as my current Vox AC15 british wire tube, and pedalboard setup. But one thing I just purchased and will be using more is the Behringer GDI 21. It is a guitar pedal direct box that simulates an amp(british, california, tweed). It is just like any other pedal except it goes last in my chain and runs direct into the P.A. system. This takes away the need to lug around and amp, and makes it posible to continue to use actual pedals instead of a pod system.

              For me I'm going to be using the direct in route more because it sounds fantastic, lets me use my effects pedals, and eliminates the need for tons of equipment being lugged around.

              As others stated above, the pod is difficult because of the setting and things being hard to change last minute, but also something others didn't mention is that it is a 'tone sucker'. Which to many mgiht be a relative term, but I have found it to lack grit and seem very tiny. Not everyone feels this way! But coming from a tube amp and having the Jesus Culture/Elevation Worship/Hillsong tone iit is hard to use a pod and be happy hah.

              If you are weary of Behringer, tech 21 (the company that makes the sansamp direct box which is the professional music industry standard direct box) also makes amp simulator direct boxes that cost more ($175) and they have multiple amp sound to choose from, but the Behringer is better and cheaper if you ask most people that have used them.

              My two-cents take them as you want haha! Good luck and God bless!

              P.S. If you go the direct in route your sound guy will love you! haha
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                I think there's a lot to be said for small wattage tube amps these days
                That's true. They seem to be gaining in popularity for the same reasons you are talking about. They are lighter and smaller, and still crank pretty good. If they need more PA support, they mic it up.

                Everyone has their favorites. There are so many options. Each one has it's pros and cons.

                Personally, I'm going to pick up an older 80s vintage Peavey, like a Bandit or maybe even a chorus. The chorus and Deuce are 2/12 units, so they will be heavy, but the Bandits are 1x12. They are solid state amps, but they are built like a tank (USA made) and take pedals/ MFX units real well. They can crank loud, but because they are solid state, they sound good at low volumes, too. There are a lot out there and they are relatively cheap. Right now, I have an old Studio Pro 20w for a practice amp, and at church I use an old Austin 2x12 w/ a horn (acoustic and electric amp) and it can crank nice and loud.
                If we want to go places we haven't been, we will have to do things we haven't done.


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                  I heartily endorse the Mustang III as a great amp for a Praise and Worship guitarist. I've been actively trying to get our rhythm guitar player to try one out (he currently uses a Fender SuperSonic). I'd never tried a Mustang III till the other day and I have to say I was GREATLY impressed with it's range of models and sounds. I personally use a Line 6 Spider 75 which is both inexpensive and lightweight...and NEVER breaks down. If you want lightweight and inexpensive I don't think you can do any better than some of the modern solid state modeling amps for versatility and durability.
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                    There are 3 Supersonic amps, I use the 22 watt version and am able to play at about 5 or 6 and it sounds great at those volumes.


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                      Although its not really low wattage, I've been loving my Egnator Rebel 30 head and 1x12 cab. It has both a 6V6 and an EL84 power section that you can blend together. I usually run mostly on the EL84 side which brings the wattage closer to 20 watts. For situations where you need to be silent, it actually has a cabinet voiced direct out that sounds pretty good. It's also WAY easier to lug around than a big 2x12 combo.