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  • radelahunt
    Are you sure you need 76 keys? How many instruments do you have currently that play in the bass regions of the soundscape? Because if you have a bass player, a piano player, Tubas, etc, you usually already have plenty bass. So maybe one of your keyboards could be full size and one small, or one small but with a $100 MIDI extension.

    I can play almost everything Hillsong United with my Roland System-1 right out of the box for $500. I can spin up a synthesizer patch for Phil Wickham pretty easy (usually it's just got gobs of reverb). It can be programmed to give a piano sound, but if you're saying you need this one to BE a piano, you'd end up picking out a $100 MIDI keyboard to plug into it to give you more bass range. But for synths, it can't be beat for that price, and I can do stuff with B3 and organ right out of the box. It's a real synth but it has memory positions. And with my experience, given one hour, I could program it for any church that wanted to use one. (Maybe I should set up a business?) It's got tons of glassy, stringy, pad-like sound settings.

    On top of that, if you want a REAL B3, it's not a real one, BUT what you can do is adjust the LFO section while you're playing to simulate the change of settings on a B3, unlike some keyboards where it's a B3 setting and you can't change it while you're playing.

    I am not against software, but based on what I know and what I've researched, their price is usually more expensive than hardware (i.e. a physical keyboard).

    The Roland System-1 does NOT feel natural, however. It feels like a controller. I did 3.5 years into a music degree on piano, so I can say it doesn't feel like a piano, but it doesn't feel synthetic to the point where it's a deal breaker, at least not for my hands.

    There are also other options.

    I've got a ton of articles on this baby. I'm sure it looks like I'm a fanboy, LOL, and yes, I am. But I think in this day and age, spending less to get the same stuff done is better for the church budget.


    There are several sub pages on suitability for church use, sound samples, etc. And sound clips of me using it live. And I've also got YouTube videos on how to do certain things on it like (Hillsong recommended) filter sweeps. Dialing in Hillsong sounds was surprisingly easy.

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  • pianowillbebach
    This Yamaha is good if your budget is low! https://www.sweetwater.com/store/det...UaAqftEALw_wcB

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  • seanmichaels
    My buddy has always been a fan of the Roland Fantom series. I'm pretty sure their newest keyboards are the FA line; very reliable. I know he's used his since that keyboard came out.

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  • PWood
    Id be interested in what you found. Were looking as well, was looking at the Yamaha MX 61, Juno DS, or, just an electric piano with an IPAD running mainstage... Same situation as above with tech savvy, trying to stay below $1000. Am I realistic?

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  • milepost13
    started a topic Keyboard Shopping

    Keyboard Shopping

    Hey All!

    I would really appreciate your help! I desperately need to upgrade our keyboard. We've been playing with a Korg Tritan LE for the past 15 years, and although it gets the job done, at 15 years old, I'm getting nervous that it's going to crap out on us at any moment.

    The issue is, neither I nor my two keyboardists are very tech savvy, so I really need some help in figuring out what will work best for us because I have no idea what to purchase. I know we need 76 keys because we already never use the low octave on the Korg we have. I know we need weighted or gravity hammer action keys. We're playing the "modern" worship music/style (Hillsong United, Phil Wickham, Elevation, Vertical Church Band, etc.), and most of the time we're using pianos, b3/organ and synths.

    A wl friend recommended running mainstage with a Mac through midi, but again, this is beyond my tech knowledge right now. He also suggested the Nord Stage II but said it's limited in voices.

    So, any help? I'm looking for simple, with a great sound, authentic key feel, 76 keys. We're more than willing to learn how to work with a laptop and software/midi if needed. Trying to keep the $ as minimal as possible, but that goes without saying, right?