Hi All,

In my worship team,
I am the only one musical instrumental player and the other four are all singers who eager to stay on the stage.
I am playing a budget friendly acoustic guitar with simple PADS from Worship Tutorial web page.
So far so good, or maybe it is enough now.
So in these days I am thinking about buying Roland GR55 in order to put some variations in Sunday worship songs order.
I think I may put the guitar string sound and synth pad together or put some piano intro with Roland GR55.
However this is just a Youtube Knowledge.
I don't know whether this idea is good or useless and I don't know the Roland GR55 will works well or not in live worship environment, since recently I bought Digitech Trio but I realized that it doesn't really read exact the velocity of the music that I play, especially the bpm lower than 75, so I don't want to regret for buying a new things that I don't have any experience.
Or! would it be just better stick on the guitar sound and change my humble acoustic guitar to the Line 6 electric guitar with some Line 6 effector for these days modern guitar sounds?
I just don't know. Please advise~
One more background info is I don't really expect that our team will have any synth player or drum player in near future, but two of singers are learning acoustic guitar from me and the one of them is already starting helping me.