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Digital (laptop) guitar rig

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  • Digital (laptop) guitar rig

    I've been playing on our worship team for several years now using a Line 6 XT Live. We all have in-ears and so there are no amps stage, in fact all of our guitarists are running the XT Lives. I'm not really unhappy with my tones, but I'm looking for something a little more organic at the same time trying to make tweaking tones at home a little less painful. I recently got Logic and Mainstage for my MacBook Pro and I've been thinking of just going all software. I have a friend who is selling an Apogee One for a good price, but I haven't yet spent the 100+ hours to thoroughly check out all of my options for software. I was wondering if anyone else has gone the software route and had any advice/feedback.

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    I've used Rakarrack quite a bit. I use it to practice or develop ideas, and I've used it to record. I've never played live with it, as I love my XT Live.

    I have played live with the XT hooked up to my laptop, which allows me to dial in "on the fly." This is especially handy when playing in a room I've never played before and I have to tweak the settings a bit.