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Virtual synth and controller as an alternative to a traditional synth

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  • Virtual synth and controller as an alternative to a traditional synth

    I'm in the market for a synth and instead of going with a traditional synth, I'm interested in the possibility of getting a midi controller keyboard (61 to 76 keys weighted) and going with virtual synth software on a laptop or possibly even a tablet.

    I would think that one could save a lot of money with such a configuration yet still get a powerful system. I think I have seen the M-Audio Keystation 61es http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_u...ation61es.html running with an MSRP of $200.

    I haven't explored the software.

    What would those of you 'in the know' recommend for consideration?


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    I was thinking about a similar setup. I do not know how to play keyboard but want to learn. I am debating on whether to get a cheaper Yamaha keyboard with built in sounds and speakers or to get a 61 key midi controller. I have an Axiom 25 midi controller and it plays well and sounds great to me. I just do not know if a midi controller would be good to learn keyboard/piano on.

    I would be interested in knowing if you went that route and how it is working and if a midi controller would be a good learning/practicing tool.


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      As far as software goes, Omnisphere is a wonderful synth program that I use. For pads, ambience, choirs, and other various sounds, it is hard to beat. It's around $400, it's a little on the pricey side. For piano sounds though, you might want to look elsewhere. Alicia's Keys by Native Instruments is around $100. A great value for the price! You have to run these through a host software of some sort. If you have a MAC, Mainstage is a good option. If you have a PC, Reason or Ableton Live are the most commonly used host softwares.