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  • Acoustic Pickups

    Hi, I need recommendations for a temporary pickup for church use. The pickup will go into a Martin D-28 Marquis (hence the need for it to be a temporary setup). Getting as much of an acoustic tone as possible while having some feedback resistance is the goal. I don't care how ugly it looks (wire's dangling outside the soundhole are OK with me). Thank you!

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    Here are a few options from guitar center


    Fishman is a pretty trusted name for acoustic guitar preamps, and I know a couple guys who use the Dean Markley pickup and are pretty happy with it.

    Hope this helps
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      Thanks for the link.

      Are magnetic pickups sufficient for church use? Or do they sound too "electric guitar"-like?

      I am possibly considering a Fishman Rare Earth Blend pickup (magnetic and internal microphone) for the benefits of a dual source solution in one package. They sell a "custom" version that allows you to set up the mic externally, as well for a higher price. Any experiences with the Rare Earth pickups?


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        I would recommend the double piezo version of this:


        I use a JJB Prestige 330 (which is identical to a K&K PWM) in my acoustic, and it sounds fantastic. I've also worked with Jesse (the owner) to custom design some violin pickups which have also turned out great. It's a great company that makes great products, and the price is obviously right.

        The only downside to these pickups is that they do feedback somewhat easily at loud volumes. For under $10 you can get a basic soundhole feedback buster that eliminates the issue though. (See http://www.amazon.com/Planet-Waves-S...bxgy_MI_text_b)


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          I like LR Braggs. They have a microphone version and an electric version for acoustics:


          I think though that these are a bit more "perminent" nice solutions than you are looking for. Any thoughts on just temporarily using a stage mic?
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