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Opinions on PODHD500 v M13/M9?

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  • Opinions on PODHD500 v M13/M9?

    I'm in the midst of a pretty serious tone reworking and am thinking of getting one of these. I'll be using it solely for effects and not amp modeling. I think the PODHD500 has all the same effects as the M series, but the M series looks like it would be a lot more fun/easier to mess around with on the fly than the POD, plus you have all the good routing options, so I could run the wah before the amp and put the rest in the effect loop. Plus the M13 looks way cooler than the POD - it's colorful and all the knobs seem like they would make it fun/easy to work with.

    on the other hand, the POD would also serve as a pretty decent backup amp if push came to shove, and it comes with 1 expression pedal built in.

    It seems like the POD is the logical choice, but for some reason, I think I would like the M13 better. Anybody have opinions about both or either?
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