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cymbal help!?

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  • cymbal help!?

    Hey all, I am new to this forum and I just want to say hello and god bless to all! well i am kind of stuck at the moment and want other peoples opinions. I'm in the market to buy new cymbals and I need to know what others recommend and/or are using for their church rigs. We play mostly Hillsong, Jesus Culture, Chris Tomlin, Frontline, etc. We have a good size church holds around 500 people. There is know real budget since it's coming out of my pocket and I use my personal drum set to bring to church. We are also unmiked if that helps. thanks in advance!

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    Cymbals are really subjective, in my opinion, but I would definitely recommend you be willing to spend some real money and get quality instruments.

    Personally, I'm partial to Paistes (and not just for worship settings). The lower end stuff is pretty junky, but everything Alpha and above is really nice. I'm a big fan of the 2002 and Twenty lines. Very warm sound and beautiful overtones. But that's just my opinion... you may not like that sound, or may greatly prefer something else.

    We're using electronics right now, but the other congregation that uses our facility on Sunday nights has the Zildjian A Customs. Nice cymbals, but a little bright in the worship context, in my opinion. If I was shopping, I would definitely be looking at the Paistes I mentioned above or the Zildjian A & K lines.

    My best advice would be to get into the closest drum shop you can find and spend some time trying different things out and listening. You'll get a much better idea of what you like/want for your style of playing than you ever could from reading what we all have to say ;-)
    Eric Frisch


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      yea our drummer out our church that plays when im not there has a full set of paiste signature, which in my opinion WAY too bright for our setting. So far ive been looking at zildjian A and K's and also sabian HHX, but thanks for the input bro!


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        From the bands that you gave as examples, I'd recommend Istanbul Traditional's, or Alchemy's. They have a darker, yet very musical sound that really compliments the modern style.


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          We are using a K Custom dry ride and hats, with A Custom medium crashes.
          Kit is a Pearl Masters Custom maple.
          Looking to replace the crashes this year - they are pretty aggressive sounding for church.
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            With a 500-seat church and no drum mics, what are your volume issues like? Are drums still too loud in general? I'm more accustomed to a little smaller places and drum volume is always an issue. This relates largely to the guy with the sticks, but heavy rock rides and crashes make it harder. I really like K's, and Sabian HHX and AAX have nice stuff too. They all make things in the dark range.

            A few years back my church replaced (at my request) two heavy rock crashes. They guy at the store recommended and my director bought two AAX Dark Crashes, 14 and 16". They're very nice, enough so that I ended up buying a 16" for myself. And they helped with the drum volume and tone in the building.

            Now as I learn more I'm realizing that the heavy rock Paiste 2000 B8-bronze hats and ride are way bright and loud, too. I applied two strips of duct tape to the ride and it's better for the setting, but that's not what you want to do obviously. I like a nice bell sound from a ride, but I'm gaining an appreciation for a drier, complex wash and those two sounds tend to not come from the same cymbal. I have at home an old 22" Zild, fairly thin, with nice stick sound and wash but a horrible bell. OTOH, I have a heavier 20" ride with a great bell and a good overall sound, but brighter overall. Have you seen the Benny Greb Sand Hats and Rides from Meinl? They made promo vids for them, search Youtube. On second thought, here they are:

            YouTube - Benny Greb - "The Sandride" - presenting his new Meinl Signature ride cymbal
            YouTube - Byzance Vintage 22" Sand Ride

            Benny is a hoot (very dry humor), and a pleasure to watch play. I really like these cymbals. Not cheap, though.



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              We recently went from an electric kit to acoustic, and got Sabian HHX cymbals. On the dark side but not too dark, we are super-pleased with them. Highly recommended.


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                Any hand hammered cymbal line will have drier, quicker crashes, and softer rides, same with h-h 'chicks' and edge use. If money is an issue, check out Soultone cymbals. B20 bronze, but their prices can be found at a greatly reduced rate from the big companies selling the same thing. That also goes for Wuhan. Their splashes are weird to my ears, but their crashes and rides are surprisingly good for the money. Definite hand hammered "jazz-type" sounds.

                If money is not an issue your "quieter" cymbals, if there is such a thing, are going to be hand hammered, thinner models. You can also think about using smaller/lighter sticks as well. Maple sticks work well for that.