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Strat pickup swap

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  • Strat pickup swap

    Hey guys n gals,

    I was wondering if any of you have toyed with various after market pickups (Seymour Duncan, EMG, DiMarzio, etc) and how you've found them. I am passively looking at swapping out the units on my Strat for something a little warmer. Most of the videos I can find on the subject are biased towards very heavy metal and usually involve truly awful tones (I know, it is YouTube...but seriously) and/or poor recordings.


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    My Japanese Strat had a Seymour Duncan humbucker in it when I traded for it with my brother in law.

    I took it to a luthier near me a few years ago to get it set up and he convinced me to put single coils back in it and installed fat 50s. I love it now, I get a lot of tone variety and plenty of umph.


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      I bought a MIM strat and a year or so later had a tech swap in a set of Texas Specials. I loved position 1-4 but the bridge by itself was just too harsh for me. I wanted to swap it but didn't want to break the set so I traded them straight for a set of Dimarzio noiseless (58-67-heavy blues, I think) Much more chime and less noise (so not as warm). I did this most recent swap myself and then later swapped in a SC sized HB into the bridge (that I'm probably going to switch back) I had no real soldering skills before this but it's super easy and nearly everything is reversible. So I'd suggest jumping in and trying some stuff.
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