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el84 lower power alternative

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  • el84 lower power alternative

    JJ has released an EL844, which was designed to replace EL84 but with less output. their is info about it on this web page. euro-e

    I'm sure better information can be found.

    JJ says 30% less power than an el84
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    I'd like to try something like that in an EL34, some time.
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      My "low-power alternative" has always been taking out two of the 4 EL84 tubes from my Mesa Boogie. Voilŗ! 30 to 15 watts in an instant. (you gotta know though, that you have to remove the outer or the inner tubes, that's how the pairs are arranged. Never take out the first or last two together, or else you'll blow up something...)
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        i know 15W right pretty low wattage. 5w power tube distortion been to loud for church for me.
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