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What do you look for in a guitar?

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    i would really like to try out an acoustic with the gibson neck scale, would make the transition between electric and acoustic easier for me.
    Live Blessed!


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      I'm the opposite - I had a Les Paul copy (different brand) made for me with a 25 1/2 scale because all the other guitars I play live including my acoustic, are 25 1/2.

      What I look for in a guitar - versatility without affecting tone (no active pickups or active circuits that kill the guitar's sound). The instrument needs to just "sing" even when unplugged - so highly resonant woods are important, as is the type of finish.

      For electric I like mahogany with maple (doesn't have to be a maple top - I have an Ibanez with mahogany body and maple neck that sounds perfectly suited to what I think a guitar should sound like). I'm always amazed at new things people try: I have one of those low end Conklin 7-string guitars (very well built in Asia, but not expensive), which a cherry body, maple/purpleheart neck with rosewood fretwood. The thing sounds excellent! And it makes me wonder why more people don't get away from the usual guitar woods.

      Basically, if you want to build something in America you need to cater to the high end crowd. You need the best quality everything - woods, pickups, finishes, cases, etc.
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        For my style of worship it would have to be an electric guitar with great tone.
        That said, if I could only have one guitar then it would be a Fender Strat. I love my Tele but the Strat can do it all from very sweet cleans to soaring leads.


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          Action and intonation...electric or acoustic.

          On a strat style guitar, I want a high mass trem block...even though I rarely use tremolo...sustain is better with a high mass block. I want superior pots, caps, and wiring. I want a shielded control cavity. I want tuners that hold. I would love to see a strat with a tele PU in the neck position...best of both breeds.

          Like Nomad said, a balanced input on an acoustic/electric.

          My .02

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            Originally posted by nomad100 View Post
            i would really like to try out an acoustic with the gibson neck scale, would make the transition between electric and acoustic easier for me.
            If I remember correctly my Martin DC-16 is 25" so not too far off. (I guess that makes it PRS instead of Gibson but it's a lot closer than fender.)

            ETA:Maybe not I just looked and it's 25.4. But considering the 16 is their experimental(non-wood fretboard) guitar it might have been 25 10 years ago when I bought it.
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              I agree with Smitty, a fully shielded control cavity and pickup route is mandatory. A single coil/lowish output pickup in the neck really makes playing threw a 1 channel amp easy.

              I don't agree that active pickups kill the guitar tone, totally opposite. With passive pickups you have cable capacitance and inductance fighting the tone from getting to the amp, just a different tone.
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                No one has mentioned the "feel" of an instrument yet! I look for an instrument that inspires me to play every time I pick it up. Unfortunately I'm not quite sure what aspects of the instrument contributes to this.

                A couple years back I wanted to buy a Les Paul Standard. I saved my money, knew exactly which one I wanted, however when I went to the shop they had sold it the previous day! I disconsolately started playing some of their other guitars and came across one of the first PRS SE models. Something about that guitar just felt right and interestingly the other equivalent PRS's just didn't feel the same. Needless to say I bought that particular guitar and have been quite happy ever since (although I did have to change the pups to something that actually sounded good!).



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                  for me i think it has to do with the neck profile, and how bulky the body is. My les pauls sound better but i play my SG pretty much exclusively.
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                    Wish you all the best

                    Wish you all the best for your new venture.


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                      1) Playability
                      2) Tone (flexibility of tone as well)
                      3) Precision and stay-in-tun-abilty
                      4) Looks


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                        One of my Guitars is an Alvarez. And its an amazing guitar acoustic/electric. It only has one flaw that I`ve noticed, if the temperature in the church drops below 60 degrees or even stays at 60 to 65 the guitar wont stay in tune. I`ve tried many different approaches to resolve this matter, but to no avail. Another guitar of mine is strictly acoustic (Seagul) and you can play this guitar anywhere. Climate means nothing to this instrument. It maintains its tones and sound perfectly. So I guess it depends on your taste.
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                          Well, sadly I found the top of my Martin DCX1E split...I've had it for about 15 years, have tried to take good care of it the last 10 at least (before then I didn't know much about guitar care). It hasn't been the same lately, now I know why.

                          I decided that I needed a new bread-and-butter workhorse guitar. The first thing I looked for was....


                          I was very happy to find a Breedlove Passport and got 10% knocked off. It plays well, sounds great. I'm very happy, for $450 it was a good investment. Oh well, the Mcpherson will have to wait.