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    Originally posted by faithbiker View Post
    I've used both a low end Takamine (with a solid spruce top) and a Seagull Entourage (with a cedar top). The Seagull had a definite warm tone in your price range. I've not played the Takamine Jumbo suggested earlier, but I would imagine it would have a very nice warm thick bass sound as well as I've experienced with other jumbo guitars. I'm actually going to be picking up a jumbo soon for that reason.
    I'm using a lower end Charvel Acoustic. It's about 13 years old at this point and the fret board is showing it's age. I really like the jumbos and have played the Takamine and want to try the Epiphone mentioned earlier in the post. The takamine has a really great tone to it. I have an decent washburn dread that would be an awesome guitar with a pickup in it. I'm considering that as well and to have it as a backup to the jumbo if I have a string break....


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      I haven't seen Larrivee mentioned yet... to me, it's the best guitar for the money you spend. After playing mine, two people that were on my team bought Larrivees and it's their main guitar now, for a few years.

      Mine happens to be the Jumbo model - J10. But even the lower end models like the J03 which is like 1500 dollars, are made of all solid wood and the fret work and finish are very good (J03 has a very light finish that might scratch a bit more easily, while J05 and up have glossy finishes).
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