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Stacking OD's, trying to get Jesus Culture type tone?

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    Stacking OD's doesn't work...

    Hey, I will jump into this thread with my experience in stacking OD's. It doesn't work that great...unless you have a pedal designed to do that. After trying every pedal under the sun (TS-9, Bad Monkey, Blues Driver, ProCo Rat, Carl Martin AC, Jekyll & Hyde to name a few) I found that the Xotic BB plus and the Xotic AC plus are the best for this. The BB plus is basically two versions of the same OD crammed into one pedal that can be stacked for subtle or heavy drive. It sounds much like the EL84 British tone, gritty and mids focused. The AC plus is the twin sister and it has that classic American sound, the smooth distortion that sounds more warm and creamy (very similar to the Fulltone Fulldrive).

    These days in the worship scene the British tone is used much more, mainly because of artists like U2 and Coldplay. The British sound also has more cut and tends to sit well in a mix when rhythm parts and simple licks are played, which works well for ambient focused music like worship. Right now we (our guitarists) have a great sound running a Les Paul or Tele into the BB plus and then into the VHT classic 6 amp. The amp is a class A 6 watt Tube amp with a 12ax7 in the pre amp and 6v6 in the power amp. All that means is it sounds more like an American amp. With this setup we can get the British sound with the BB plus with two levels of OD, or we can use the BB plus on a cleaner setting and push the 6 watt amp into grit and get the smoother American tones.

    So, this was a bit long, but if you are looking for the professional type tone, get a decent tube amp and look into the Xotic effects line, specifically the BB plus...we've been using it for 3 and a half years with no issues. It might be one of the most expensive pedals out there, but its also the best for what you are talking about.


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      www.jeffreykunde.com lead guitarist for JC. He says that he almost never runs more than one OD at once.


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        Originally posted by Major Tom View Post
        I guess my point is, and the way I approach it, the guitar + amp + me (how I set the controls, and playing technique) is where I need to get the main, overall "tone", what I call my foundation tone. OD pedals and such, IMO, should be used to get some variations on that... If my amp doesn't have a good edge of distortion, or light crunch, or whatever I want, then I have the wrong amp, not the wrong pedals.
        I'm with you on this Tom. If you can come reasonably close to the sound, the people in the congregation aren't likely to know the difference anyway. I have yet to run into any tone I can't come reasonably close to with just a decent guitar and a good modeling amp. The only pedals I've found to be necessary are a POG2, HarmonyMan, and an AW-3 acoustic simulator. Beyond that I can find an appropriate amp model and a built-in effect(s) in my amp to get close enough. Just remind yourself, you're not playing for yourself...you're playing for the congregation. And they aren't that discerning.
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          Does anyone know what would pair up with an EHX Soul Food? I am looking for a balanced tone with a slight touch of grit. I'm thinking about getting an Emerson Paramount? Any thoughts would be much appreciated!


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            Originally posted by ToneSeeker03 View Post
            Does anyone know what would pair up with an EHX Soul Food? I am looking for a balanced tone with a slight touch of grit. I'm thinking about getting an Emerson Paramount? Any thoughts would be much appreciated!
            You probably could start a new thread, rather than adding on to this one.

            The EHX Soul Food is fairly smooth and doesn't have a drastic EQ curve, so depending on what you want to do with it, you can either:
            1. boost it with a clean boost which will just give you more sustain and a little more "oomph"
            2. push it with another clean-ish boost like the Paramount, or an MXR Sugar Drive (what I use) or even another Soul Food
            3. Use something with a midrange push, any kind of Tubescreamer clone will work... an EHX East River Drive, TS Mini, or whatever.

            When you stack two pedals, the last pedal will set the overall EQ output. What the first pedal does is add overdrive, but also can push certain frequencies into the second pedal, which changes the distortion characteristics. For instance, a Tubescreamer into a Klon wno't sound like a Tubescreamer, but it will make the mid frequencies in the Klon overdrive more than the highs or lows.

            So if you want a mostly transparent drive, but just crunchier, the Emerson would work. Try the pedals in either order, and play with the Tone and Gain knobs to see what sounds best to your ears.


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              Thanks! I'm now looking at a JHS SuperBolt. They are super affordable for what they can do. But thanks anyway for the suggestions!