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trying to get a certain sound

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  • trying to get a certain sound

    Hey guys,

    I just joined today. I am trying to get Hillsong United sound from the All Of The Above album. Here's my setup:

    Fender strat
    boss ls2 line selector > boss tu2 tuner
    Tonebone trimode
    Ehx small clone
    TCE nd1 nova delay
    Blackheart little giant half stack

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    Sounds like you've got a nice setup man...

    There are several different (and really cool) guitar tones on on that album... And honestly, without having two guitar plays, I don't think you'll be able to nail down specifically the sound you are wanting (a lot of times they've got one guy playing a les paul-type sound, another doing the single-coil thing.)

    I can tell you that for a lot of their mellower stuff, the trick to the really cool, very ambient tone is running two delays. Personally, I play a les paul (usually) into (among other pedals) a Boss DD6 delay and then into an 80's Ibanez analog delay, and I can just about nail that sound.

    Also, (and you may already do this) but finding a good balance between gain on your amp and gain on your pedals is crucial. If you run just a little grit before your delay, it'll help give you the sound you're looking for.

    Me, I run my overdrive/distortion pedals before my delays. I have one cranked for a lead boost and the other set just for a little grit. I run that into my amp which I push just to the point of breakup...then when I hit the pedal(s) it pushes it into a really rich sounding distortion without getting buzzy or harsh.

    But, all that is to say this...I think the trick is dual-delays (maybe some reverb as well, depending on your space) and a little bit of overdrive.

    I hope that helps.