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  • Pedal mods

    Those guitarists out there in the WC, what are they using?

    I'm looking into pedal mods, what have ya'll tried? there's so many: Keeley, Analogman, Monte Allums, Vodka Mods, sound idea mods, peptone electronics.......WOW.....mind... spinning......tongue...wagging...drool...splashing ...must..not..buy..it ALL!!!

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    I'm a big fan of SoundIdeaMods.com. Big fan. Big big fan. :-) The guy does incredible work, great quality, amazing customer service, and most importantly, the tone rocks!

    I've got a 30 watt Class A tube head I use...it's got a built-in power attenuator (THD Hotplate) that alllows you to crank the tubes up for really rich sounding distortion while still having manageable volume. I would run my amp pretty dirty and back off the volume on my guitar to clean up the tone a bit, crank the guitar for distortion and use a stock Boss DS-1 for a volume/distortion boost for leads.

    Well, when I sent in my Boss DS-1 and SD-1 to Charles at SoundIdeaMods to have them modded, I was BLOWN AWAY at the sound when they came back.

    As incredible as the distortion on my amp is, once I got my modded DS-1 back, I started running the amp clean and using the modded DS-1 for my distortion tones. That's how good the DS-1 mod sounds. And I use my SD-1 for a volume boost and it BOOSTS!!! When I back the level off on the SD-1 and boost the gain, it has an amazingly rich, harmonic grind to it that I've yet to find in any other pedal.

    Best of all, the quality/value ratio is the best I've found. I looked into Keeley, Analogman, etc. They were all more expensive and I didn't find that their tones were any better than SoundIdeaMods.

    I hope that helps.