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    So, we've been considering picking up a new amp to replace the Divided by 13 RSA31 that I'm currently using. I *love* Frederick's amps, but the RSA just doesn't sound *great* when I play my Strats through it, unless it's cranked (too much stage volume, though). It sounds great with my LP; however, my Starts are my "go-to's".

    Anyway, we've been in contact with the artist relations guys at Bad Cat and they are letting us demo any of their gear that we want for several weeks; I chose to give the Hot Cat head and 212 a run. If I like it, we'll get it.

    My question is, has anybody spent any *real* time with the Hot Cat live? I've demo'd a couple other models but that was at a guitar shop, not a live situation. Any pro's and con's would be great.

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    I have not demo'd any of the Bad Cat amps but I hear they are great. I believe Phil over at http://brokenheadstock.com/ has a demo on his website but...

    But listen...If you feel like God is telling you to donate that /13 RSA to me, I just want to make sure you are obidient to Him. LOL


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      Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but...Did you guys demo the Bad Cat? What'd you think? I REALLY like the sound of Bad Cat's amps, but I prefer the versatility of my THD BiValve (and it's got killer tone too)... But what'd you think? Give us a little review if you can.


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        Just now getting back to this thread, sorry. Anyway, we spent a week with the Hot Cat 15 and absolutely loved it! We ended up signing an endorsement deal with Bad Cat and since have purchased two Hot Cat 15 and two Hot Cat 15 combo's! They are among *the best* amps I've ever played! Imagine your favorite EL84 amp cranked, you're hearing all the rich harmonics developing, bringing out all the subtle textures that you always wanted to hear out of an amp; now, add a master volume so you get all those great tones at reasonable levels; that's what the Hot Cat 15 sounds like!

        Another really cool thing, the amp also features an "Edge" control which acts as a control for the upper frequencies. Instead of just boosting the highs (typical), it boosts the whole upper mid range and high frequencies so the guitar really speaks clearly. There is a definite separation between the low/mid/high spectrum. Also, the Gain control is pretty unique. The gain spectrum is very smooth, it will go from a little dirt to high gain without sounding brittle toward the top end; it's all very musical.

        I cannot say enough about these amps! I loved the RSA31, but it doesn't hold a candle to the Hot Cat 15!