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Line 6 X3 Live.. anyone using it?

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    Originally posted by Deuce View Post
    I'm thinking of getting a Fender Supersonic 22 watt tube amp. The clips on Fenders web site sound great. It's kinda like a Deluxe Reverb on steroids!

    Fender amps are awesome. At least the ones I have owned. Frontman 65, Twin, Princeton, and Champ 600. I haven't had the pleasure of playing through a Supersonic, but the people that have them seem to really like them. The Twin I had in the 80's was a maintenance nightmare, too heavy, too loud, but sounded great when it was working. Latley I perfer the smaller ( less than 20 watts ) tube amps. They are lighter, seem more reliable, and react to the guitar and player. I think the Fender Supersonic would be a good choice for a worship setting.