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Recording the service - Yamaha 01v96 and iMac

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  • Recording the service - Yamaha 01v96 and iMac

    We have an 01v96 board that we have been using for about 4 years. Up to this point, we have recorded using an AUX out directly to a CD-R deck.

    Now we are looking into upgrading our presentation capabilities and in the process, we would like to expand our capabilities to improve recording as well.

    It is my understanding that connecting the 01V96 via USB to an iMac will give us not only the ability to manage the board from the Mac using the Yamaha software, but that the connection gives 16 in/out from the Mac as well.

    At that point, would GarageBand be an adequate recording solution?

    Also, if we are running ProPresenter 5, would the iMac system (2.7GHz quad-core Intel Core i5, Turbo Boost up to 3.2GHz, 8GB memory) be up to serving both roles simultaneously?



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    Personally I'd be hesitant to run the multi-channel recording into GarageBand on the same computer with ProPresenter. The problem isn't so much the computer as it is the heavy CPU usage of simultaneous multi-track inputs into a DAW like GarageBand or any other DAW for that matter. They all are pretty heavy users of CPU cycles. Of course that really depends on how many tracks you're recording at one time. Other than the music, the rest of the service might not be an issue. But if you're truly wanting to improve the recording of the music then you're talking about different channels for each instrument and each singer, and probably multiple inputs if you're using an acoustic drum kit as well as a possibly a couple of house mic's to capture the congregation singing. If you're using ProPresenter to show lyrics I would be afraid you're going to impact the recording or response of ProPresenter. Additionally it would be pretty hard to manage and monitor ProPresenter as well as the DAW on one computer.

    It may make more sense to use a separate dedicated computer for the recording not only to keep CPU usage manageable, but also to be able to monitor and manage the DAW during recording. That being said, it may be overkill to try and record directly into a DAW.

    What we do for recording is use an Allen & Heath ICE-16 which is a dedicated 16 channel recording device that takes it's input from the mixing board and it records each channel into an individual .WAV file on either a USB memory stick or a USB drive. We can then later import each of these files into tracks in a DAW to mix and master them into the final product.
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      I'm with DunedinDragon.

      I would not put that much load on my CPU for a presentation computer. If it fails and you lose some of a service recording, it isn't a huge deal, but if it takes out presentation, it is a huge distraction. If you are just going to try to get a stereo wav or something then I might give it a shot.

      We have two computers at FOH, one Mac Mini handles multitrack I/O in logic and our M7CL control. Our other Mac Mini, that our producer manages, handles stereo recording of the message in Reaper, pre/post service music, Planning Center Live, and LAMA audio reference software. It is a lot at once on there and it has never skipped a beat.
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        Hi Steve, all Yamaha 01v96 consoles have the USB connection for control via Yamaha's Studio Manager software. If your console is the latest 01v96i version, that USB connection will give you 16x16 audio transfer as well.

        I wouldn't run PP5 & a DAW simultaneously on the same machine. Both require a lot of system resources (mainly disk read/write) & its risky to load a system down that heavy in a production environment in my opinion.
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