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Personal Monitors (Rolls PM50/55 vs Rolls PM351 vs Behringer MA400)

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  • Personal Monitors (Rolls PM50/55 vs Rolls PM351 vs Behringer MA400)

    Hi everyone.

    My worship team currently only has one onstage monitor. We are a small church, and due to cost, I feel it would be highly unlikely that they would get more.

    After some googling, I found out about the Rolls Personal Monitors, PM55 & PM351 and the Behringer MA400. I play guitar, and I've been looking at these trying to decide which one to purchase out of pocket. The Rolls have good reviews, but I did not find much on the Behringer which is about half the price. Does anyone have any opinions on these?

    To sum it up, what would you recommend & why: Rolls PM50/55, Rolls PM351 or Behringer MA400.
    Any other tips would be appreciated.


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    We used to use the MA400s at church. They generally work fine, but we had two issues - the biggest is that they can't handle and won't pass phantom power (even though the web info says they do). Secondly - the left & right channels were switched on ours. Not a huge issue since we run in mono. I think the Rolls is a better choice, but if you won't have to deal with either of those issues, the Behringer will work.
    Eric Frisch


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      Thanks for you input Eric. I think you summed it up pretty well. I'd rather spend the extra money and not have issues later on.