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Good lectern Mic

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  • Good lectern Mic

    We have musicians and main speakers use individual mics, but we also occasionally have other people come up and say a few words, and our lectern mic does not seem to be that good at picking them up from a distance of say, 2 feet. Does anyone have any specific recommendations on a good lectern boom mic that has some range to it?


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    How much do you want to spend?

    Shure makes pretty good stuff, they have one for $219.


    There are some Audio Technicia and a few others under $100, but I'm a fan of Shure stuff. its' really good for the money.

    Do you know what you have now?
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      It is an Audio-technica pro 49Q. Is there anything about that microphone that would make it not good for this application?


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        Overall, my experience with Audio Technica stuff is it's ok but not great. I use one for a vocal mic most of the time in my 'work' band because it has an on/off switch but my voice isn't as clear as with a Shure SM57 or 58. I have to be a little closer to it. Which I like- helps keep ambient noise out of the system.

        This is a condenser mic- so is it using the board phantom power or an external phantom power source?

        Is it running through any kind of attenuator (like a DI or separate phantom power supply) with a '-20dB' switch or anything?

        Condenser mics can be pretty sensitive to temp extremes, humidity, shock, etc- is there a situation where this mic has been banged around a lot (podium being moved all the time, thrown in a box), in high heat, high humidity, etc.?

        Is there a way you can move it 6" or so closer? It just may be a touch too far away. Again, my experience is that AT mics don't always pick up as far away as other mics. But I haven't used this model, so can't speak to it specifically.

        Maybe it's something fairly simple...
        If we want to go places we haven't been, we will have to do things we haven't done.


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          We move the Pulpit occasionally, but it is on wheels, so not much shock. I think it works about like it did when new a few years ago. It can't really be moved because it is mounted on the front of a pulpit that is quite large and deep, so there is a lot of space between the mic and where the speaker stands. I guess I will just have to look for something better.

          It is simply running off the Board phantom power, no DI, directly into the floor via xlr cable.

          I suppose It might be possible to mount the mic on the slanted part of the pulpit instead of the flat part that is farther away...that would require some minor surgury on the wood of the pulpit...but I've done worse.


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            Maybe try taking it out of the mounting hole and positioning it in a few different places (separate base of some kind) and try it before making it permanent.

            FWIW, it's a cardioid pattern mic, and some are a lot more directional than others. So is it aimed pretty close toward their mouth/chin area, it's not way off axis or anything?

            Maybe before puling the trigger on buying another one, see if your local guitar center or sound/PA businesses have a couple different styles you could rent or try out. Then you can get some good a/b comparison before committing to $300 on something that didn't really help...
            If we want to go places we haven't been, we will have to do things we haven't done.