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How do I use a powered mixer with powered speakers

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  • How do I use a powered mixer with powered speakers

    I was given a Peavey XR684 powered mixer and a pair of powered JBL Eon 15G2 speakers. I know that because both components each have their own built in amplifiers if I connect them together wrong I can severely damage my equipment. How do I set this system up properly? Which output on the powered mixer do I use? From what I found online it seems like the way to do this is by using a Line Out output but this is an older Peavey mixer and I do not see any Line Out outputs. The only other outputs other than the speaker/amplifier outputs on the back are a Monitor, Left/Mono, and Right outputs, these are located in front of the mixer. I know it's not any of the speaker outputs on the back of the mixer. I don't have money to go buy passive speakers, I need to make this work with the powered speakers that I have. Any help will be much appreciated! Thank you.

    * I included a front and back picture of the mixer outputs and a picture of the inputs/outputs and controls on the JBL speakers.

    back of mixer.JPG
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    To make this work, you'll need to run from the Left/Right outputs on the front of the mixer to the inputs on the speakers. Using those line outputs will bypass the built in amplifier in the mixer.
    Eric Frisch


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      You are amazing thank you so much, I really appreciate the help. God Bless!!!