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  • It's time.

    To start from scratch - this is kind of an exstention of an earlier thread I posted...


    I have been at my church now for almost 2 1/2 years and sound has been a continuing problem. I have chased hum, reduced and replaced cables, but am now at a point that something must be done. As the a fore thread mentions, our soundboard is done/toast/finito; I took a solid mixer from our children's center in the meantime, but the sound level's were still continuing to be screwy last Sunday - up and down also co-mingled with feedback. I had a professional come out and look at our auditorium and he will be sending me a quote for top to bottom and or something middle of the road; my budget to maintain the audio is better than nothing, but it's not enough to do either options.

    Our small church JUST got done with our Children's wing - no debt all paid (labor ourselves - 3 1/2 yr LONG process). Mid way through construction the AC units were stolen and our people ponied up for new ones. It's not the greatest economy right now and there are obvious area's reflecting this at our church.

    How do you start a conversation about this? I know that God isn't surprised by this, but I want to communicate effectively not only to staff, but our people. Maybe I'm more freaked out than I need to be...

    As always, your thoughts and prayers are appreciated. = )

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    Man, I feel your pain! Probably not as vividly as you do right now, but I can definitely empathize. I am almost to that point, but I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. We are gearing up for a giving initiative later this year and with the prospect of upgrading equipment, the worship pastors and I have been starting to assemble this very thing: a plan that demonstrates what we would need and why we would need it.

    So far this is my stance. From an excellence standpoint (which is one of the core values at our church), it makes logical sense to have high-quality equipment. From a ministry standpoint, though, it doesn't always make sense to spend money on our facility when there are hurting and desperate people around the world who could benefit more from that money. But in the spirit of striving to create an environment on Sunday morning that not only attracts people seeking God, but allows them to have a good (read: an enjoyable) time (why would someone listen to what you have to say if they don't like anything that's going on?), we believe that making an investment into equipment and technology is vitally important.

    One thing that has been true of how we introduce the idea of upgrading is to show people the difference it could make. On our stage, there are two walls that jut out that house our side projection screens. They were on-stage, and they were the same cream-tan color that the rest of the sanctuary was. For years, the worship pastor begged and pleaded to paint them black, and he always met resistance. The Executive Director of Operations and others just couldn't see why we needed to do it. By some work of God, he finally convinced them to let him paint them a little over a year ago. After he did, all the ones who didn't like the idea said, "Oh wow, that really does make a difference. That's a great improvement!" And he had to bite his tongue to not blurt out YUP I TOLD YA!

    Sometimes people don't want to upgrade / change simply because they can't visualize or realize what an upgrade could mean for the church. Visiting other churches that are at a technological level that you are aiming for and showing people at your church what could be is a great idea. Talking with the pastors and tech staff on what they used to do and what they do now and what differences it makes could be an invaluable learning tool.

    This is turning into an essay, geeze. Another thing that is absolutely huge to our worship staff is creating more space for projects and leading volunteers. If there is a piece of technology that we can purchase that can free up even an hour a day for one of our staff members, we will - 9 times out of 10 - buy it right away. Money is just a tool to use to do ministry better, and creating more space for more ministry is WONDERFUL. If you're running around replacing cables, testing systems, soldering things, etc., that's a lot of time. If you upgraded your system and didn't need to run around putting out fires, that time could be used to develop your ministry, recruit more volunteers, learn new things that will take your ministry to the next level, hold a training session, the list goes on and on.