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!! Audio NIGHTMARE !!

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  • !! Audio NIGHTMARE !!

    Our 32 channel Soundcraft decided to put in it's 2 weeks notice. I tried giving it some R&R at a local repair, but no dice; sometime ago "liquid of some sort" was spilled down the middle rendering the main mix outs useless and although I tried running our mix out of the auxiliary outputs 3 & 4 at the suggestion of the technician; when Sunday morning came, the sound levels went.... and came.... and went again. = (
    So no Macgyver solutions here - the Soundcraft battleship is sunk. What's worse is I spent good money to get nowhere - at least that's what it seems like...

    !! I HATE audio problems !!

    Alright, just had to type something - I hope everyone's sound system is in better health than mine. = )

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    Aw man, sorry to hear that...

    Many of us have horror stories.

    My 'work' band has a Peavey 24FX digital mixer. For the first 2 1/2 years we had it, after running about an hour or so, it would start sounding like it was clipping on the mains- just real gravely sounding, not clear at all. It even got to the point where the low spikes (like bass drum kick) would crackle like a cone failure in the speakers but we had the speakers tested twice by Yamaha and our drummer's band and they were flawless.

    We had the power amps tested, cables, everything. It sounded like a bad cable or overloaded power amp. We finally narrowed it down to the mixer itself.

    We tried some software and firmware updates, and finally I did some serious searching for an issue, and come to find out, our series of board had some A/D converter issues where they became unstable under a very specific set of conditions. We got in touch with Peavey and they agreed to look at it and wound up adding some hardware to the board (they wouldn't tell us exactly what they did) but it's been awesome since then.

    On a different note, just last night we did a night of worship at our church and changed things around a bit- we moved people to different spots, etc. This induced an 'antenna' effect to the bass circuit where we started getting a radio station in during practice. We got around it through changing some cabling around, but our church sound board is pieced together out of 30 year old stuff. We have some gremlins in it

    I started playing the Pink Floyd 'Wish You Were Here' intro...

    Only one person got it...

    Man I'm old...
    If we want to go places we haven't been, we will have to do things we haven't done.


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      For what it is worth, I have a Allen & Heath GL2800 32 channel desk looking for a good home. It has never been moved and is in fantastic shape all around. We just need to go digital in the room it is in because it gets used for so many different purposes. I see you are in Jax, I'm just up in St. Simons Island... only an hour away.
      Travis Paulding,
      Production & Technology Director, St. Simons Community Church


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        I appreciate the thought, but well likely be going digital as well. We're a small church and when they initially bought the board - they got more than they needed and didn't really grow into it. We'll be fine on a 16 channel we hqve on hand.

        I'm looking into the behringer x32 series - maybe even the rack and mixing with an iPad.


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          If 16-20 channels is enough for your situation, you might also consider the new QSC TouchMix:

          Eric Frisch


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            I wonder what did your church end up getting to replace the Soundcraft? My church bought a Behringer x32 probably 1 1/2 yrs ago and easily the best feature for the band has been using the x32 app to control our personal monitor mix from a iPhone, iPad, even an Android (via a separate app). Also, being able to save a general setting for Sunday morning worship to the youth group setup with one button. No complaints, so far.