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Good live performance mic recommendations.

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  • Good live performance mic recommendations.

    I am in the market for a good mic for Sunday worship. We are a contemporary styled band, with a acoustic, keys, two electrics, a bass, and drums.

    We are currently all using Samson Q7, which sound decent, but we have recently been recording ourselves through a Zoom H2N. When we listen back my vocal (I am the worship leader) does not seem to be cutting when I am singing low. I know that typically one does not typically sing with as much energy, when singing low. I do not think this is the issue, because it is not an issue when singing off mic. I think it has more to do with the low end the mic is picking up.

    Anyway, I'm looking for a decent vocal mic for a male in about the tenor range with good low end cut. I would be purchasing this with my own funds so I am alright with spending a bit more than if I was asking the church to pay for it. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

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    Check out the Electro Voice ev767. I've heard lots of good things about it, and was going to go that route until I found a crazy good buy on the AKG d5, which is also a great vocal mic. I've been using it for almost a year and really like it. The only thing about it is it picks up really well; so if you're singing in front of the drum kit, expect a lot of bleed when you move your head.


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      I'm not completely convinced a different mic will change this. There's a lot of other factors that could come into play such as whether the low cut filter is turned on on your voice channel, where the H2N was placed when recording (it may have only picked up stage sound and not the ambient sound in the room depending on the width setting of the H2N mics and where it was placed), did you use only the built in mics from the H2N or did you do a 4 track recording with outputs from the soundboard. It could also possibly be fixed with changing the EQ on your voice channel. It's just worth checking out before you buy a new mic.

      By and large the Q7 is a pretty well-reviewed mic with an overall good response across the frequency range, so I would spend a bit more time looking at the soundboard and see if there's an issue there with how the mix is set up and EQ'd.
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        I agree with DunedinDragon. There are a lot of things I would experiment with before buying a mic. One thing you haven't mentioned is the sound op. Is your voice being turned up in the mix at that point? What else is happening at the same time you sing low? There are a lot of instruments that will muddy/overtake a low range vocal.

        We have a fantastic singer here, one of the best vocalists around, and when he goes into a low range we have to push him sometimes 6db in the mix. Basically twice as loud. He is on, what most would consider, a nice condenser mic and the EQ is not cutting lows... it just happens. If you were standing next to him on stage, you wouldn't say he was singing that much softer either.

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          Generally, when I'm singing lower it is during a verse and the band is therefore quieter. The reason I'm thinking a new mic might help is that one of our electric players, who sings sometimes, has a SM 87, and it cuts no matter how high or low he sings. (Okay, so maybe there's a bit of gear envy going on, as well.) I will try messing with the EQ a bit more, but honestly, I'm not sure that this is it.

          Dunedin Dragon, it's a small world. Come to find out I work with your pastor's son. He is the IT guy at my school.


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            Originally posted by Mike Darley View Post
            Dunedin Dragon, it's a small world. Come to find out I work with your pastor's son. He is the IT guy at my school.
            Yeah...he mentioned that to me last Sunday. Who'da thought??? By the way, I've got a Blue encore 200 (mic info here) that I don't use right now, so if you want to try that first to see if it fixes the problem just let me know and we'll hook up.
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              That would be awesome. I'll PM you to set something up.